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The Ultimate Truth is Oneness ~ Following One Path but without being critical and judgemental towards other Paths, Religion, Race, Colour, or Creed.

Following One Religion or Path is very benefiting but that certainly does not give the licence to condemn other Religions and Path.

Co-existence is what real spirituality teaches, which every path teaches, every religion teaches.

Why does it become so difficult to follow the teachings of “Acceptance of everyone the way they are.”? They are the deep-rooted beliefs and conditioning that we carry from multiple births.

On the path of light, every single condition and belief and impression that hold barriers will be dissolved eventually. The Ultimate Truth is that of only Pure Light and nonduality. The Advaita is Oneness. Every path and Master teaches this profound truth through their individual paths or religion. This highest truth needs to be realized, if not now, atleast towards the end of it all.

Choice is ours – whether we make it more complicated or ease the process by aiming for the highest without falling in for the barriers that are so subtle and strong.

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