If a mindful eye looks around in all visible directions, amidst all chaos or calm, what can be noticed is an uncertainty looming on many faces that dare not reveal the truth. There seems to be a lurking gloom of insecurity and fear that for some reasons, the faces do not really show up. Reasons whatever, only a few mindful eyes and ears can read into details as these. In them, ignites a spark to do wake up and do something, for the need of the hour that does not necessarily prioritize in any government’s list. This is what begets Community Activists.

The word right now is witnessing an increased sense of responsibility blazing through many individuals, who have become conscious of their surroundings. From the inspired, few pick up slogans in the hope to make a difference through their groups of similar-minded beings. Few strive to work by example by pulling up their sleeves and jumping right into the social space where the change is needed. Yet some are those selfless souls, who wish not to speak of voicing or aggression but believe in doing silent selfless work. Being there and doing right is to them more important than being noticed. They are inspired by ideals like Mother Theresa, who was only drive by passion generated from unconditional love. Her one sentence speaks volumes of her single-handed contribution to the world, “I will never attend an anti-war rally. If you have a peace rally, invite me.” For she believed hate cannot curb hatred. Negative like-thoughts, feelings and actions cannot bring the intended results.

Community Activism is all mighty and powerful yet equally important is the real subtlest intension behind that force that returns a powerful multiple collective response and result.

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