Shifting Into Awareness, as the name reveals, is a platform that helps seekers of truth to make the shift from ignorance to wisdom, from darkness to light, from bondage to freedom, from falseness to truth. It helps fully shift our existence from the mind ego to the Self (soul consciousness). It’s only when one lives in awareness that one can remain unentangled with the (highs and lows) dramas of life. It leads to the state of Jeevanamukta (liberated while in the body).

What we do

Life Resets through Cleansing, Uncluttering, Inner Work & Purification!
Igniting the Light of Wisdom, Deepening Spiritual Evolution, Inner Joy & Freedom!
Activating the Light of Awareness! Inner Awakening! Spiritual Growth! Life Transformation!
Moving towards Inner Peace, Contentment, Happiness & Inner Freedom!

We welcome you to the exciting inner journey of life ~ which transforms your external journey of life

There are regular free internal Zoom sessions, paid and free webinars and deep residential retreats conducted at powerful locations like Tiruvannamalai (Tamilnadu), Kanhangad (Kerala), etc.

The practices are very simple but powerful processes, involving only practices of activating your awareness and Shifting Into Awareness until you gradually begin living in awareness aware, without using the aid of any props, yantras, tantra, mantras, techniques, yoga, etc, which needs the active ‘doership’ of the seeker. Shifting Into Awareness aims at dissolving the doer, the practitioner, the meditator itself. One learns to activate one’s Divine Presence and live from not the mind, but from that pure presence, in consistent meditative awareness – 24×7. Thus, one eventually realises that one is not the body but just that pure presence. In this state, it is easier to remain unentangled with the worldly events. Thus, one is able to complete one’s responsibilities (outcome of previous karma and karmic ties) and begins gaining inner freedom and peace.

All these programs are hosted and taught by Jake Light, who had a spiritual awakening at a young age, after which life catapulted him into a series of dramatic life events including meeting many living masters and mystics during his nearly two-decade search for the purpose and Ultimate Truth of life.

Know about Jake Light

The ultimate goal of the whole process is to make one eventually free from all clinging and dependancy on anything and everything and abide in only the Self – which is when one realises the Self.

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