About Jake Light

Jake Light is just a form of identity given to this soul, who was born as Jacob Thomas in a Roman Catholic family. Since childhood he was very curious about God and his creation. He constantly nagged his father and the priests he came across in his childhood about the mysteries of life and was never contended with what he learnt and never convinced. He constantly probed that if God is there and if he is there then how is he partial with a dog living in a rich family in all comforts and a ‘good man’ dying on the streets in poverty. If God was partial, he thought, then how can he be called God. He was never satisfied with all the answers that came to him from many. He had strong affinity towards Jesus and his divine qualities. His father was not a church-goer and he served all communities alike. His father was a great inspiration to him. His father taught him that God is not in the church or temple or mosque but in one’s own heart.

In school days he had various mystical experiences like having fearful flashbacks of being killed in masses while he would be in the school attending a religion class. He would constantly stare at the closed door of the classroom feeling that it is going to break open any moment and everyone in the class would be killed. He only realised it the later part of his adulthood that these were flashbacks from the deep memories in him that came up from the persecutions he had undergone in previous lifetimes.

As he grew, he began conversing mature subjects with his father who would be often taken aback and he would only say, “I am glad you have learned how to talk in this world.” Soon he found out that music and arts was in his blood and without any formal training, he found himself painting, singing, playing musical instruments with ease and even composing music and poetry. Must later in his life it was revealed to him that these were the carry-forward gifts of previous lifetimes.

One day, in his teens, he was walking back home from his new job and he found himself muttering the Gayatri Mantra continuously. This mantra then became a spontaneous part of him and he began to develop keen interests in mantras. Not just mantras and Hindu gods but also he saw a great fascination towards Islam. He had many muslim friends and he felt all his hindu and muslim friends were more than a family. He at a stage in life would only contemplate on the Quran and converse its contents and even attempt keeping ‘roza’ (fast) during Ramzan days. There was a strange affinity towards qawwali and sufi songs. His father would visit dargahs also with his friends. He also found himself very comfortable with muslims as well as hindus and having great interest in both these religions as well as his own religion of Christianity. He was at a job and in his lunch break attempted to draw something abstract on the ‘paintbrush’ on the computer and what came up was the art of christian, hindu and muslim ideology in one piece of art that he named “god is one”. These were all some strange automatic happenings in his life that was only a call to his main work in this life time “ONENESS”. From a small age he never saw barriers between anything.

He had been through many challenging situations since childhood with many testing events throughout his life. His depressive teen years plunged him into alcoholism and smoking. Many life setbacks made him deeply question his journey of life. He began experiencing spiritual awakenings and soon his circle changed, his habits changed, his attitudes and behaviours changed. He quit smoking and alcohol. He found himself more with esoteric wisdom and meditative practices. Meditation, music and esoteric wisdom came very naturally to him, which were again the carry-forwards of his past lives.

He then married but soon found his marriage rocking and the wedded life didn’t last long. The divorce ended up in the separation of his daughter whom he loved the most and this was the most devastating blow in his life. His life once again plunged into darkness and he returned to alcohol and smoking. His life was devastated in suicidal tendencies and all around found certain of his sinking ship. But then, this incident was the turning point in his life, this breakdown was supposed to be his breatkthrough, which he didn’t realise back then, but soon he found his legs taking him to a holy place called Ganeshpuri where a great Mystic and avatar had taken samadhi – Bhagwan Nityananda. After stepping into that place, he was kind of put to peace and given solace which he never ever had experienced his whole life.

His life of travels then began in 2008 and since then he travelled for countless miles to countless places, doing sadhna and learning to attune to the sacred energy vortexes. He learnt by practical application how these sacred places boosted his consciousness and expanded his awareness and granted him grace and blessings. He found himself then bumping every now and then into saints, mystics and divine people and also spent good time in their company, their ashrams, their huts. All showered great love and wisdom on him for he was always inquisitive to know greater details of life. Of the most of his unique experience was the strange affinity he had towards Jeeva Samadhis. For more than a decade he visited regularly hundreds of Jeeva Samadhis of many siddhas, including the Jeeva Samadhis of all the 18 Siddhas, all throughout India, especially Tamilnadu, Maharastra and Karnataka, where they were found in large. He witnessed great healings happening at these sites and also strange wisdom coming to him from these places.  Gradually he found his wisdom expand and his manifestations deepen. Having himself seeing the hard struggles of life and the rugged path to higher consciousness, he became more compassionate about the fellow beings who are struggling on the path. His heart always longed to help others for he could somehow see the pains of others. 

Soon he found his Master Sri Avadhoot Shivanand, whom he followed heart and soul. He had the blessed opportunity to work for his Master in his ashram for 7 years. These 7 years were crucial years of his life for everything changed within him. The grace of his master washed aways all the ignorances. His master never saw him as a Christian but a soul whom he could embrace and teach. His master had seen the deep yearnings in his eyes and thus his master helped him evolve to teach him the greatest truths of Advaita. He received his guru mantra from him and also sacred Advait Sri Vidya deekshas. His master entrusted him with many projects and work of the higher wisdom and attuned him to the world of the Gurumandala, the Siddhaloka. He had many direct experiences with his Master which convinced him of the unimaginable divine qualities that a human can possess, if they work on it. This and his master was his sole inspiration. His Master had given him a new life and he was reborn. He thus shed off his ancestral name as he was born into the lineage of the Siddhas, the compassionate Masters. He was more known as Jacob Shivanand, which he took as a blessing, and his Master did bless this name. After 7 years, he had to return to his home town on 2019. Then, for a whole year, he was ‘guided’ to an intense travel to various sacred locations and he all he did was travel and sadhana for the whole year until the lockdown happened in 2020.

During the lockdown, seeing the helplessness of people locked up in their homes in deep fear and insecurity, he thought of a way to keep himself and others enlightened and focussed on something higher than the virus itself. And so, when the whole world and media was only focussed on the negative news and fear, he would spend the whole day in satsangs, that would run even as long as 8 hours a day. With the grace of his Master and the Guru Mandala he found this eternal flow of eternal wisdom, happening very spontaneously through him. Since then he has been regularly doing LIVE webcasts for the benefit others can take. He became more keen to share his life journey and his learning and observations of life, which normally is ignored by the seekers. He shares how these little things that are ignored are the pearls that need to be gathered for destroying the ignorances in life. He found himself immersed in sharing the light and wisdom of the great Mystics and the wisdom of the scriptures that came spontaneously to him. He found that life had already put him in the track of what he always wanted to do – serve the world in his own capacity and make his life useful for some good of others than just selfishly for the limited ones in his life. His family extended from this little bubble family to the whole of creation.

He had a great affinity towards scriptures and the most sacred scriptures that enchanted him were the Vedas and Upanishads. He soon learnt that only these two scriptures were the most authentic one and rest all scriptures were just interpretations of this one. He has explained many times that how the Vedas are religion-less and pure sounds. It is the science of life, science of everything is in the Cosmos. His approach towards these scriptures and completely regligion-less and a very simple and straight approach. He shares these deep insights in his own simple way and how it can be made use by any human of any religion.

By now he had earned the name Jacob Shivanand by the blessing of his Master but another part of the world, especially those who was not on the Guru-disciple path found it difficult to relate with what he had to share about the deeper insights of life. So he began sharing with those segments with the name Jake Light. Name never held any importance to him nor religion nor any identification with his ancestry for all that he considered only bondage and limitations. But he operates with these different tittles only as a requirement for his tasks.

Religion had never been any problem for him because since childhood he had great affinity for all religions and the masters of all religions. All his life he has been walking in and out of churches, temples, mosques and gurudwaras with the least distinction between them. ONENESS is his life theme, which he whole-heartedly practices, for he realised this is the ultimate truth. He pursued relentlessly with his intense seeking for liberation and his Master graced him at all times towards this journey.

Be it any platform or name, the pure foundation of all his work is AWARENESS in which he stresses that whatever path, religion, faith, practice one follows, including every aspect of life must be in AWARENESS without which everything is dry and meaningless. The gift of is AWARENESS is the biggest grace he received from his Master, which he believes strongly will help seekers of the path.

His intent and purpose as a seeker of the path of truth and light remains to seek and attain the highest truths of life and ultimately liberation. He follows this passion whole-heartedly with the grace of his Master, the grace of Bhagwan Nityananda and his life-long ideal Jesus Christ.

His work, energy and time are shared with others only with the intention that it be able to bring a major shift and transformation in their life towards higher consciousness. If you like to encourage and support his work you may contribute to the cause.


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