Man has known food in all ages because that is primarily on what he survives. But there has been another kind of humans, who did not believe in that…. and they practiced what they believed… by eating nothing!

It has been much of a taboo to even talk about such subjects in a world where man thrives on food. Food today is more than a survival need, it is more of a pleasurable act that man repeatedly loves to be engaged in. To such an extent that he is now unaware of why is he eating? To live … or to just eat? 

The last century saw a boost in the food industry; it multiplied at both ends- the consumer and the supplier. Because the demand was such that the supply had to be there. Not fully right though, because the supply industry jumped into this mega opportunity by creating new foods because it now had understood that man had succumbed to the the weakness of the palate. New foods, new recipes… and it all went to such an extent that man forgot what he was eating for, and he forgot that man is a product of nature, and nature has certain rules. Man broke the rules. Soon disease struck, death rates increased, and man found himself in the clutches of anxiety, depression, mood swings, insomnia, and a huge list of symptoms that neither he nor the healthcare was able to understand.

At such times, the ones that ate less or none at all, watched the horror of the world. These few humans were but of a lesser known kind, the ones who stayed away from the chaos of the world, the ones who were masters of their own life, many immortals living for even centuries, but never around between the common man lest his privacy and seclusions that he preferred be affected in any way. They were the ones who followed the laws of nature because they were one with nature itself. They were the Sages.

Time and again the few who had the fortune to be with them and witness that they ate nothing, were the ones who broadcasted it in the world that there exists such a species that needed no food or water, but the world was too busy to listen. Even if shocked for a while, the drooling palates soon lured them back to their plates. New dishes arrived. New diseases and discomforts arrived.

Then fortunately, the mass awakening began happening because now the Earth chose to raise it’s frequency as though a Divine sequence in play at the chosen time. When the Earth raised it’s frequency, new challenges came into man. To sustain life on earth they had to also raise their frequencies. Raising frequency is not really required if one is in attune with nature because then whatever frequency the earth resonates at, the attuned will also automatically resonate. But the problem was that the habits of man were of a certain gross energy, that had previously suited the planet’s resonance, but no more now.

Then, few people who were a little more conscious became aware of the foods they consumed. They backed off from all the heavy unnatural foods – some had listened to the Sages and some to their intuitions.. Soon they saw the changes. Few of them even reverted the diseased conditions they had just by cutting out meat and returning to natural food. They began to speak and share their experiences. People heard. More tuned in. This was more people became aware that food was the main culprit to all their woes. A good part of the population began turning vegetarian. As a result of these people becoming conscious, they became more conscious of the life around them. They were happy that they had quit eating meat but soon discovered that their vegetarian diet also has some substances that came from animals – like milk, curds, butter, honey, etc. Their conscience would simply no agree to ingest this into their bodies, for they somehow felt that they contributed to the pain, suffering or abuse that that animal or insect underwent. Remember, it was as the demand so the supply. To not support the supply they decided to not support the demand – they quit eating such products and came to be known as Vegans, much happy and contended with the plant based foods.

At such times, many found it difficult to sacrifice so much for they felt what is the purpose of living if you cannot eat? That takes us back to the equation and super question – Do we eat to live or live to eat? Now, this was a dilemma only with those who were not fully conscious or awake yet, because the ones who were could not be bothered by this question – what is the purpose of living if you can’t eat. For they had already found their purpose of life – it was certainly much higher than food! The ones who found their comfort zones challenged provoked that “even plants have life, then how can you eat them?” If this thing bothers you then read this – Meat or plants – both have life, now what?

As the Earth’s frequencies continues to increase the vegetarian population including the vegans found discomforts in cooked foods. The increasing consciousness that raised with the increase of the Universal frequencies made man seek higher and higher purity in every aspect of life – food including. A percentage of this little percentage of the population began reducing cooked foods and more on raw foods. The results were splendid. They began speaking and sharing their experiences. The ones who were distressed with heightened discomforts in their bodies and minds took up this lifestyle and soon had to agree the benefits of raw food. When the convinced began loving this lifestyle, they went complete raw. More spoke and shared, and soon this became more widespread as it is now. More saw that disease to a large extent could not exist in bodies that were raw, that were natural.

Today, the whole globe population has become aware and alert of the food they consume because they know that even if it tastes real good, it may not be real good for they digestive systems. For many it was was forceful and involuntary transition for they had to do it in order to survive, only to later discover that this was the best thing that could happen to their lives.

Now, the ones who were completely adapted to raw food saw that their amazing bodies (everyone’s body is amazing if not loaded with toxins) were able to sustain with little of the raw foods and were just fine on juices, shakes and smoothies – meaning liquids. Few chose these and found it amazing. Moreover, they were saving time on cooking, eating, consuming and cleaning up. They began living on liquids. By this time many eyebrows raised. Many called it a passing fad. Many called it hoax. Many called it dangerous, because all their life they had believed that until you stuffed food into you system and made it work 24 x 7 to digest, assimilate and eliminate they were not going to survive. The science too had believed that nutrition comes from various sources and man had to put it all in through foods. Those who wanted to become vegans were always worried about where they would get the proteins from. Many were still not convinced that bare liquids could give you all the vital nutrients for the sustenance of the body and thus were not able to come to terms that what they believed and followed all these centuries was a hoax!

Now, at this moment of time, nature, again as though a timely divine plan, began planting souls in the population who were highly conscious. These humans were those who could survive on water, few could survive on very little food and water and yet another few could survive on nothing at all!

This now shocked the world. Till the point of juice intake, it was conceivable even though not be understandable, but what was this new crap? Living without food???

The Sages were Masters of these since eons and none had seen them or studied them or known them because they were not easily approachable. Those who had heard about them still were not fully convinced as it was not in their tangible perceivable experience. And here were these new souls who were living that fact. They became known as the breatharians – the one who lived on breath. Till end of the last decade (2007-10) these few souls had a very tough time living a world which was on a completely different belief system. So, they were literally harassed, mocked, questioned, doubted, threatened, and rebuked. But then by the end of this decade  (2017-to now) more such souls cropped up and the world began rubbing it’s eyes once again. At the moment i write this articles, there are hundreds of  living breatharians and dozens of real teachers, who have come with this soul purpose to get this fact across the world that human bodies have such divine and extraordinary, unbelievable powers. 

The Science is mum about it. Somewhere there is a lurking confusion. For science believes in evidence and now they have living proofs, walking around, but still there is a mum, even though most of the breatharians are ready to offer their time and bodies for any kind of research. Something seems to have become a blockage, but Mother Nature is an expert in clearing any kind of blockages, for all that she knows is movement. Nothing in nature is sedentary, it has to move towards evolution. Even there is evolution in the animals, plant and mineral kingdom. The awareness of how bodies can live without food and water has caught up and still catching up, come what may, because the Earth is determined to evolve and take along the human with it. Those who resist, perish. Refusing to change habits back to natural habits despite the warnings of dis-ease, is the sign of perishing. It is certainly not that the entire population live on no food and water, but yes it can still choose conscious food lifestyle that adheres to the natural laws.

It is understood that science is trying to figure out now what they cannot see. Because they see that a body is sustaining itself without food and water but they cannot see how that is happening and where the nutrients are coming from?

This is the limitation of science because what we are talking right now are the natural laws of science, that cannot be seen or understood with our limited gross senses. It is just like the eyes cannot see the breath. How can it then be understood what breath is really doing to the body? This is where the Sages excelled because they have heightened awareness, higher than the advanced civilizations. They can see, hear and feel what the normal population cannot. This is a priceless treasure for earthlings who will not be able to contain their excitement – just like the one who came to know that there is a hen laying golden eggs. He will be desperate to find him – not for the love for the hen but for the eggs. That is why precisely Sages and such mystics are not easily available to the masses. Many live in complete isolation or even if they are amongst the masses they will not be recognised because of their disguise. i have heard from my Master, who himself has gone beyond the food concept; he has met the advanced humans who live on light and people who are immortals! i had the privilege of meeting one such great being who was 400+ years of his existence on earth and this was in Haryana back in 2014 (will share about it sometime soon on this website) I have seen my own Master going without food for days.

This is still a taboo for many because it is not actually breath that they live on (they called it breatharian because that is the most perceivable word that humans can relate too) but they were actually living on prana which is a Sanskrit word from the ancient Vedic texts of the Sanatan (India). Prana is life-force energy which IS the actual substance that the living beings ACTUALLY thrive on! Prana is what is present in all foods! Prana is what we refer to as LIGHT! Prana is present in the atmosphere is what comes into your body along with your breath. Science has known that the lungs absorb oxygen from every inhalation, which is true, but that is just one part of the body chemistry that is tangible. There are many processes going on in the body which is not yet tangible. But fortunately now, a lot of research is being done and the machines of science are able to catch the life-force energy on their instruments.

The whole secret of sustaining the body is to know how to tap in this prana into your body, major is by breathwork. But again, not every human has had to work for it like the ones who are new to breatharian and learning to attune their body to light. Because the body has the capacity to attune and adapt.

Once adapted, ‘consuming’ light is as natural and effortless as breathing in air. There have been many great Masters who walked this Earth with a body of light. It is referred to as the body of light because it was totally attuned to light. Swami Ramalinga of Vadalur, Tamil Nadu or Vallalar as he is popularly known in India, was one of such Masters. You can read the previous article where i have written more details on my travel to his place and written more about his life. Click here to read. They never die and are immortals. This is because they have reached such heightened stages of human evolution that they are invincible, for their body has transformed into a body that can be anytime transformed into light at their will and thus become invisible. What happens is that they don’t really become invisible, but they vibrate their bodies to such high frequency that it appears to the eyes to disappear. That is how Jesus Christ ascended with his body. That is how Sant Tukaram left his body. That is how many, many sages were known to have just disappeared into thin air. Even, the immortal that i had met was believed to be a reincarnation of the Saint who had similarly just disappeared from his room. It cannot be reinacrnation for those who know how to materialize and de-materialize their physical bodies at will. My Master was known to disappear in his hut in Rajasthan during the Navratri days. He explained that he was very much there but was vibrating at very high frequency, which made all the people who peeped into the hut see the hut empty. He explained the science of how it happens.

Their bodies have the capacity to be in the dense form yet vibrate higher, meaning they appear as simple bodies but in fact are vibrating at higher levels or frequencies. Just like how you look at the tuning fork . When the tuning fork is struck, it looks as though nothing has happened, but it is vibrating such fast that the movement of the fork cannot be seen by visible eyes. But it causes a sound, which means the tuning fork is vibrating, which is causing the displacement in the air, thus causing sound.

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