Recently I had made a video on Oneness. FOLLOWING ONE PATH – WITHOUT BEING CRITICAL OR JUDGEMENTAL…. and then I wondered if doing such videos will ever help in any way. Who likes to listen to such? Who will want to dig into such deep but truthful insights? Is there any use really? Then as though the Universe answered me. In the end of my video I had sung a line of Goenka ji “Tera Mangal, Mera Mangal, Sabka Mangal Hoye Re”. So, today I opened a WhatsApp video and it turned out to be Goenka ji’s video. What shocked me then was that he was speaking exactly the same thing! Am really awed by this! It was like Goenka ji personally answering 😊 Listen to this powerful speech he gave at United Nations that had a standing ovation. May you be blessed. May I be blessed. May we all be blessed!💛✨

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