This website is not for all, but the Awakened. It doesn’t mean anything else but simply that the asleep may not be able to relate with it. If you can relate with it, most welcome to use it for your benefit.

Awakened is who?

The One who has woken up from ignorance and slumber and is now Conscious.

Conscious of what?

About one’s own self, about people around, about everything in life. What was previously a life to be lived and gone, now becomes a life to be purposefully lived and fulfilled. One becomes more conscious of any life around because now they put themselves in their shoes and they know how it feels. They have become more aware of their every behaviour, every act, word and deed – for they now know that this will somehow or somewhere impact their own lives and the lives of others. A sense to evolve and rise above the limitations arises in the Awake. They now know life is much larger than they thought it was and there is much beyond the physical existence too. They begin becoming more aware of the subtle than the gross.

So not all understand these?

No. Because not all are awake. And those who are not will not understand because they will never be able to relate to this perception.

The Awake know that what is visible is not real and what is invisible is real. The unawake feel what is seen is what is true and what cannot be seen does not exist.

The Unawake think and analyse more because what is tangible to their senses only is true but he Awake feel more and so it is very easy for them to relate to things of higher perceptions, which is beyond the eyes. Most of the material and information here is about the deep level of awareness and subtle qualities which cannot be related by everyone.


It shares information that helps, guides, motivates, inspires and helps become more aware of the journey. It also would help one in times of distress or when the journey might seem too hard or confusing. This Space shares insights from multiple souls on the same journey going through various experiences. When this is shared, one can relax that he or she is not alone who feels that way.Most of the time, souls isolate themselves, punish themselves, sometimes rid with guilt and shame, and almost always unable to express it easily because these are things that hardly anyone understands. Not everyone is conscious of these things and so when the awakened soul is living in a world that is gross, they are tend to be ignored, misunderstood, or even mistreated. At such times, knowing that almost every awakened soul goes through the same dilemmas and experiences, brings peace. Moreover, the souls who share their light by sharing their own journey does great benefit to those who yet have not gathered the courage to share their own light.

Sharing the light may not just mean sharing one’s experiences, but there are deeper strengths and abilities that the awakened soul carries, which it may not really be aware of yet. Every soul is divine and has a divine purpose. They are born to do certain work in this world. For those who have not awakened to this, live and leave, having lost the opportunity to have truly lived up their life and proceeded to the higher goals of life. Those who become conscious most of the time do not find the courage to seek their own divine purpose. It may be any beautiful quality – the quality to love, the quality to help, the quality to make others laugh, the quality to teach others, the quality to uplift others, the quality do help others or any living beings, the quality of nurturing others, the quality of providing for others, the quality of healing others – all these can be through various gifts that life has offered them, like a talent of arts, music or a skill that can be taught to others, a passion that can thrust one into the service of other humans, plants or animals, a love and passion to teach the little kids for a better generation – the list can be endless. It is upto oneself to dig deep and find out what is the purpose one has come to serve. This is how one shares their light. By bringing that purpose of life to life. Shifting Into Awareness encourages just that.

May Love, Light, Peace prevail on all….

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