Shifting Into Awareness

From The Heart; Not The Mind

In the current times when love is considered to be given a back seat and more of mind work is emphasized on, what actually builds up are things that are gross, temporary, illusory, luring, painful, because they are the creation of the mind. Mind is deceiving and root cause of all the good, bad, ugly that we see. All discriminations and limitations are products of the mind.

The way of the Sages is the heart. The world is very, very rapidly awakening to this kind of a heart-based awareness. We are heading towards that kind of a world. It may seem it is not, but just like the love is an abstract that can’t be seen and creeps into your heart from nowhere before you even realize it, it is creeping in the world also similarly and that is what is building up the New Conscious World.

i have been carrying this light of this divine purpose for more than 15 years now, sharing the light on multiple blogs and websites and social media, but now have put it all up in one place, because i just got organized 🙂 i feel it will help the world in a great way. I took this step because of the countless messages and feedbacks of love i have received in all these years appreciating that the posts have help them make a shift. So, i continue to do so on my website

This website is essentially for the other part of the world, for the world that i have been in touch with people from various parts of the globe. That is one reason, i have kept it very bland and not religion-specific, path-specific or community-specific. But i do have posts in between them that will relate to my path and my Master, so that people who wish to know more on it will also get to know. The first video, i dedicate to my Master and to my Ascended Master Jesus Christ, with the teaching of Unconditional Love in practicality.
It is very important that we all share our light and help each other to grow together especially in the current period of massive transition that human consciousness is undergoing, like never before. It is simply fantastic and at the same time distressing or terrifying. But we are never alone – and to share just that, i have these put up in the website . More you would find there – www.TheConscious.Space

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Much love, peace and light to you
Stay blessed!

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