Sarva Jnanottara (English)


. It is through Kartikeya, the son (light) that we reach Shiva, the father (consciousness). On a macrocosm level, we can say the Self is Shiva nd the light of awareness is the Skanda.So, t


Translations from the Agamas

The Agamas are traditional Hindu scriptures regarded as no less authoritative and authentic than the Vedas. They are regarded as divinely revealed teachings and no human authorship is ascribed to them. Temple worship is mainly founded upon them.

There are twenty-eight Agamas that are accepted as authorities. From among them Sarva Jnanottara and Devikalottara are outstanding expressions of the standpoint of pure advaita or non-duality. Atma Sakshatkara is the most essential part of Sarva Jnanottara.

The Maharshi spontaneously translated both of these Agamas into Tamil verse- Devikalottara in the very early days when he was living in Virupaksha Cave and the Atma Sakshatkara in 1933 when he was already in the Ashram at the foot of the hill. Both are instructions in the path of knowledge given by Lord Siva, the latter to his son Guha (another name for Lord Subrahmanya) and the former to his wife, Parvati.

Atma Sakshatkara’ (All-Comprehensive Knowledge)

This is the Direct Awareness of the Self, Graciously expounded to Guha by Isvara Himself, The foremost and first Lord, now teaching this in Tamil Seated as the Self in my Heart.

This poem constitutes the chapter on Self-Realisation (Atma Sakshatkara) in pe-agama text known as Sarvajnanottara, ‘The Pinnacle of all Knowledge’, translated from the Sanskrit original into Tamil by Bhagavan Sri Ramana.

According to my realisation of these tatvas, these are not just a body talking to another body. Shiva (pure consciousness) is radiating this wisdom at all times through its awareness. Skanda is that wisdom. Karkitkeya or Skanda stands to the light of wisdom. If Shiva is the fire, Skanda is the light of the fire, inseparable. This light is within all of us. We, the consciousness, are always radiating this light. So, this is the wisdom of our soul. The moment we connect or merge with our inner light (Kartikeya), we get in touch with this innate wisdom. It is through Kartikeya, the son (light) that we reach Shiva, the father (consciousness). On a macrocosm level, we can say the Self is Shiva and the light of awareness is the Skanda. So, through the light of awareness (wisdom) we reach our Self. On a microcosmic level, God is Shiva and the light of awareness of that Supreme is Skanda. So, through that light of awareness (Kartikeya) we reach Shiva. Shiva is Self and Self is Shiva. Whichever way we realise, it is the same truth.

With this approach is this deep session on SARVA JNANOTTARA had been conducted. Day 1 has all these relevations. Day 2, 3 and 4 are the contemplations of this sacred text that was translated by Bhagwan Ramana, who is the Skanda of Arunachala Shiva. Eternal gratitude to Arunachala and all his instruments for making us worthy to receive these highest truths.