Inner Alchemy



Inner Alchemy is the process of transmuting darkness to light by transmuting the inner shadows to light. Inner shadows are those dark shadows of the ego self that has been kept hidden, avoided, ignored or suppressed deep in the subconscious. These are repressed by the ego so as to avoid embarrassment, pain, or uneasiness and is done quite unconsciously. Most of the time one is not even aware of it’s existence or may be sometime aware but not willing to face it. These shadows then becomes one’s personality and then attracts similar situations in life. It is pure grace that one becomes aware of this shadow aspect and desires to purify or heal or transmute it. Attention is paid to heal oneself from within, release, purify and illuminate so as to active self-love, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness.

This course is a beautiful journey of self-discovery, discovering all the hidden masks that one has been carrying and then dissolving it and thus healing oneself deeply. The whole process is to dissolve the ego self, so that what remains is the self-luminous Self.

There are preparatory sessions as well as followup sessions along with the main webinar.