Inner Child Healing



There is an inner child in all of us. This inner child is the consciousness that can remain stuck as our bodies grow. Almost every child goes through much of learning as it struggles to learn and align with the world that it is trying to ‘fit in’. This begins right from the womb state from where it is aware of all perceptions. Once born, it begins its journey into the new world and begins getting conditioned according to the situations it grows up in. As it tries to figure out things it undergoes tremendous pressures, tribulations, shocks, traumas, emotions, which all if not catered to, can remain unhealed. Body eventually grows up but the wounded child remains. This wounded child then keeps manifesting and repeating similar incidents throughout adolescence, teenage, adulthood and old age. All our current circumstances, reactions, sufferings are all simply repeated episodes manifesting from this wounded child. Healing this inner wounded child, liberates the adult, and great new changes comes over. The Inner Child is a symbol and expression of our subconscious mind and thus a great tool to access the subconscious, heal and re-program.

This course explains the Inner Child im detail with innumerable examples and real-life incidents of Jake and his clients, to help understand and relate it with your own life journey.