Chidakasha Gita (Hindi)



Chidakasha Gita of Bhagwan Nithyananda

The Chidakasha Gita is a compilation of words uttered by Bhagwan Nithyananda in elevated state of consciousness, while he was staying in Mannagudda, Mangalore in Karnataka somewhere between 1920 – 1927. At that time, a fond woman devotee named Tulsi Amma made note of these words in Kannada language. Since Bhagwan would utter these in trance, many were in bits and pieces, but they became the gathered pearls of Tulsi Amma, without whom we would have never known much about Nithyananda.

The precious words of Bhagwan ~ The Chidakasha Gita Bhagwan was hardly vocal. He never gave discourses nor preachings to anyone. His words were very few but apt and to the point. All that he spoke had a deep meaning and he spoke only and only that which would elevate the listener to his highest goal of liberation. His words were never mundane but came from the highest source of cosmic intelligence. His words were never binding to anything but were only liberating. His prime work was to only free humans from the clutches of illusions and thus all this words and action were only and only pointing towards that. He had no judgement on anyone and treated every human and so also every other species as a possibility towards higher goals of life. His most common gesture was the grunt “Hmmmm……”. He remained completely unbounded by his body and always referred to his body as “this one” or “this”. Remaining absorbed in the state of Nithyananda (eternal bliss) he sometimes descended a little into his body consciousness and that is when he spoke a word here and there. The words that fell from his mouth were the divine nectar of Parabrahma or the God consciousness. Fortunately, a few of these precious words were able to be noted due to the efforts of a devotee named Anandi, who later came to be known as Tulsiamma. It was solely due to her that today even the world knows who Nithyananda is. She happened to note down the prompts and bits of sentences that Bhagwan spoke while he lived in Mannagudda in Mangalore, Karnataka where Tulsiamma lived. She noted it all in Kannada language, which later were translated into many languages and came to be popularly known as the “Chidakasha Gita”. The notes were taken between 1920 – 1927 and was first published in Kannada language in 1927, on the approval of Bhagawan Nithyananda. We would like to provide the full text of Chidakasha Gita translated into English but it is highly advisable to meditate than read on the scripture.