Deepening Awareness



Shifting Into Awareness is the process of moving from the mind/ego to soul consciousness.

  • You begin living more in your consciousness than in the restless mind
  • You begin purifying your existence in all areas of life
  • You begin moving closer to inner being/Self
  • You begin shifting from doing to being
  • You easily break free of all chains of all conditionings
  • You begin to easily manifest your needs
  • You begin experiencing the split between the false you and the real you
  • You begin uncluttering
  • You begin creating wellbeing of body and mind.
  • You begin moving from noise to silence
  • You begin moving from outward desires to inner contentment
  • You invite grace into life
  • You activate your inner Guru
  • You begin taking a backseat and witnessing life more
  • You begin realising the higher and deeper truths of life
  • You begin to identifiy your deeper purpose