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“The ‘something’ that brought you here, is the ‘something’ that has been guiding you and will guide you always…..”

~ Jake Light
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So much clarity on my personal & spiritual life…. I can ask you anything without being judged

Dear Jacob,

I just wanted to say how much your personal consultations have been helping me. I have been watching your videos since the pandemic, and about 6 months ago, I learnt you did personal consultations, I was elated as I had a few burning questions which you answered beautifully🙏

I love the fact that you are a bridge between me and my Guru with all the detailed explanation.

My personal consultation last week has given me so much clarity on my personal & spiritual life, I feel like I have a friend  in you, I can ask you anything without being judged. I value & respect your knowledge & wisdom and I am so grateful for all the videos you make that’s helping me and everyone  on their spiritual journey.

I recommend your personal consultations to my family & friends all the time.

Thank you so much for being part of my life my friend 😊

Tanuja Karia

United Kingdom

This session gives the strength to soul and seeking

Thank you bhaiya for guiding me towards being rather than doing. 

In your session I found reason to awareness and why all the peripheral activities going on and most importantly where you have to go.  This session gives the strength to soul and seeking.
Thank you for everything ❤️
Divine love and light ❤️


Very deep and profound….the impact of the session lasted for a very long time

I feel blessed to have had a personal session on shifting into awareness with Jacob… It was a very divine and blissful experience….very deep and profound….the impact of the session lasted for a very long time…after that I have been practicing shifting into awareness regularly and my meditation is now deeper….feeling more positive and cheerful…
Thank you so much….Stay blessed.

A seeker

I am proud to say that I have indeed evolved with his soulful teachings and talk.

Greetings Bhaiya,

My joy knew no bounds when I had a slot to talk to you. Ever since my childhood I always had a yearning to be in silence and an inner prompting to look for the real ‘Me’ in me. But the final call I got from the divine, was in 2020, when during the covid pandemic I got wrapt with the mind blowing sessions every day of Bhaiya , and then the questioning of who is the ‘Real me’ and what is the real God, is it inside or is it outside?  Every day as I ardently sat wrapt in Bhaiya’s sessions lasting for more than 6 hours, and the frank and outspoken facts put forth by him, tickled my inner being . Although I would do the prayers and meditation as taught by Babaji, the intriguing curiosity to know the ‘Real I’ emanated from Bhaiyas sessions. His meditations and shadow work sessions took me right in to touch my consciousness and get closer to the cosmic energy and guru tatwa. Sometimes I would be lost in some world of energy not aware of time , to suddenly be woken up with some disturbance at physical level.

Bhaiya’s deep insightful teachings , carved a pathway within me to look for deeper insights and be in
touch with that Real I, and be connected to the Guru as much as possible, which I used , as a ladder to
climb higher. The realm of the Guru tatva experienced in Bhaiya’s sessions was so mystifying and
soothing that one never felt like coming out of it. Every spare moment during the day was always
drawing me into that awareness and enjoyable peace . Every session of Bhaiya, would weed out all the
unwanted weeds of useless and unnecessary thoughts and clear the ground nourished and fertilised by
his deep and awesome meditations and soulful talks. The profoundness and sincerity of his words touched my soul always and made me realise that this is the True and Correct Person, who has come into my life to guide me to that inward journey to meet the God within. As a result , my outer vision and worship of the divine has slowly shrunk, during the last one year, and I enjoy meeting the Divine from within. I have dropped all the chantings, and other external practises and enjoy the inner travel connecting with the inner Guru tatva, any time of the day in any state without outward show of bathing, lighting the lamp, agarbatti, etc. Words fail to express that inner peace and silence and the awareness of it, which shatters all portals of fear and anguish.

During my conversation with Bhaiya, I could monumentally feel that oneness with the divine and the
energy flowing down all my koshas , a numbing feeling and the longing to be wrapt in that blissful state
for ever. Bhaiya’s crystal clear voice and convictions and explanations, hits the Bull’s eye and dissolves all that grossness covering the soul. Today, I am proud to say that I have indeed evolved with his soulful
teachings and talk. I have learnt to silence the chattering mind and ego mind and persevere towards
touching the awareness, which expands when I inhale and contracts when I exhale. That balloon about
which many a time we are not mindful or unaware, bursts to help us merge with that ocean of energy ,
giving me a feeling that what is in is outside too, and its all one huge sea of energy. When this is the real
fact the space of the Guru and God,that I experience, where then does the question of caste , creed ,
religion, faith , inferior and superior arise?

So the two main messages that I got from my conversation with Bhaiya, were: (1) Learn to let go of Greed and accumulation. (2) Never ‘fear’ and collapse in the web of ‘fear’. Once the spirituality knocks at my door, it will lead me automatically to wherever it will lead me, provided I allow myself to be blended into it. Once having reached to this level, as Bhaiya often reiterates, the inner Guru will hold your hand and lead you. I feel so much at peace and calmness adopting this method and devote time usefully in delving deeper into those silent oblivious moments, which is indeed ‘THE’ remedy and medicine for all of mankind. I am also able to see through my mind games and immediately guard myself from its tactful clutches.

I express my deep and heartfelt Gratitude to my Guru, my Guru Mandala and Bhaiya , for coming into
my life and helping me to ascend this ladder of Spirituality.

Ohm Tat Sat.


Maala Venkat (Chennai, India)

Retired Bank Manager

Hello Bhaiya,

Thank you so much for your guidance and support. I am feeling so much of peace and settled from within. Thank you for helping me connect back to my soul consciousness.

I am glad that I took the personal awareness session today. This is exactly what I needed and thanks for patiently listening to me. You kept it so simple and easy for me.

I thought an hour session would be sufficient but didn’t realise we spent close to 3 hours. Appreciate your time and effort you are putting in and helping people to become better and aware souls.

I can’t thank you enough for helping me overcome the fear that I was experiencing. Post our personal session yesterday, i was so relaxed and throughout the day i consciously practiced being in awareness. The best part of what we spoke was surrendering and rising above the doership.

This morning before starting my work, i went into awareness as you had guided. Miraculously, the work i was supposed to finish went on so smoothly. I was calm throughout the day, not an iota of self doubt and moreover I was confident. I did not freeze or go blank and this is what I was suffering from past few days.

And look, while i am not very expressive, but now I am also expressing this in writing, for me this is another improvement.

Thank you once again 🙏🏻♥️🙏🏻


Tina (Pune, India)

IT professional

Amazing experience. Got what I was seeking for years!

Hi, Bhaiya

I am really thankful for giving me time for your session and listening to me so patiently. I have no words for today’s experience. Today I felt as if I got what I was searching for from so many years. I felt so peaceful, full of gratitude and so light as if all my burden is gone. It was really amazing experience. Whenever I watch your videos I feel I am connecting to Gurudev and Gurudev is talking to me through your videos. So many questions and doubts are answered which I have in my mind through your videos. You are a great soul and really helping out people like me who are actually searching universal truth beyond this material world. In today’s session I could really connect to the soul consciousness and it was so effortless.

Just gratitude
Great Thanks Bhaiya

Shreyasi (Chennai)


A boon to TRUE spiritual seekers

Major change in my life happened when I was introduced to Shivyog .

Jacob bhai was one of the reason I joined Shivyog. The Master called me through his divine child Jacob. I worked on myself through Shivyog sadhna and at the same time followed videos and messages of Jacob bhai. I am very grateful to Jacob bhai. I always felt peaceful, happy and meditative watching his spiritual videos. I consider Jacob bhai as one of my teachers. I strongly believe because of my past good karmas I got connected to Jacob bhai.

Shifting into awareness is a boon to TRUE spiritual seekers. I strongly recommend earnest and sincere seekers to follow Jacob bhai and Shifting Into Awareness. Thank you so much Jacob bhai. Lots of love to you.

Vikas (Bahrain)

Working Professional

I have found myself!

Your help in my very birth of actual spiritual journey has been tremendous starting from your videos starting during COVID times (continuing including the Sunday ones)to personal sessions ✨️ It has helped me in all spheres starting from the very essence of Spirituality, Guru Tatva, meditation…..to personal experiences in your personal sessions 😇. I have found ‘Myself’ with your help. Very rightly said that the words fall short when gratitude of that magnitude has to be expressed 💛✨️. For me you have come as a messenger of my Guru. Thank you so very much, stay blessed. 

Dr. Kaur (Punjab, India)


Session will be extremely beneficial for anyone – seeker or a non-seeker

It’s so gratifying to pen down the session experience.
For those looking for one liner I say – Session is mesmerising and awesome, giving you a leap of paradigm shift in 1 hour !!! , whether you are a seeker or not, doesn’t matter :-).
 Since 2020 I have been listening to the videos posted by Jacob ji. Deep gratitude to Jacob ji for sharing the awesome wisdom. Although I could not listen to the entire videos in one go, I would make it a point to listen in parts and end up re- listening multiple times. Each video had so much of deep wisdom needed for the point of time in my life.
As a spiritual seeker on the journey of self discovery, I was gaining immense insight into the wisdom that helped me make leaps and bounds progress in my journey of discovering self.
In each of his videos I would connect to the unseen energy of the guru mandala , soaking in the energy would get me to the zero state and stillness and still be able to deliver at my work with 100% productivity.
Fast Forward to 2022….going by my inner guidance , I was keen to do a 1 to 1 session with Jacob ji. Honestly the words cannot describe the beauty of that 1-2 hours spent !! What can I write, it’s impossible to capture in words. Subtle deep energy flows during the session and his words provide clarity in such simple words . SOUL  soaks in the golden shower of wisdom. Awesome SOULBATH !!  and the divine nectar kept me in a deep and lasting tranquil state while I am 100% aware and alert . How much ever best vocabulary I could have , I can never write down in words the experience of the session. Dear readers , it’s an experience that gives you a paradigm shift.
There was one pattern / situation that generally kept me irritated in life, In the session I found the way to deal with it and implemented it in my life the same day, result was I could easily deal with that irritating situation and look at it from a completely different perspective. I can tell you guys, this situation occurs in every household :-), ways could be a bit different. The irritation was non-existent by implementing the solution discovered in the session. I discovered how to deal with it now in a way to resolve it.
I must admit, the session will be extremely beneficial for anyone , whether a seeker or a non seeker. I had no doubt about this when I requested this session. What I received was something I could not have even dreamt of in my life despite having had tremendous spiritual experiences. The best this was, Jacob ji could spot and express in words what exactly I was looking for within a few minutes of conversation, I on my own couldn’t have discovered it !  12 hours after the session as I am typing this, I am still soaked in divine grace and more than anything I now know how to get into that awesome state within a few seconds !  Dear readers, I can tell you one thing, if you ever at crossroads in life, irrespective of whether you are into spirituality or not, do reach out to Jacob ji, promise you wont regret.
A big Thank you to you sir, i am basing in the divine golden waves of awareness..

From A Spiritual Seeker (London, UK)

Working Professional

Miracles happened – Clarity & wisdom of lifetime’s queries got in a single session

Two miracles happened after the session:

  1. Got nominated by my company for a very costly training
  2. Got solutions and worsened family situation improved.

More than any review, these wordings of mine would be an expression of gratitude towards Jake Light. It has been an honour on my part to have met Jacob ji in person at Karjat and various other ShivYog Shivirs, and again during this virtual session. To summarize, I had been going through a personal crisis of a nature that I could not disclose to anyone. I do not have physical access to my Spiritual Master and even when I did, I was not in a position to seek guidance. Lately I wasn’t able to help myself through my Spiritual Master’s blessings, teaching, or Sadhana. From the place I belong in India, it is said that often you need true friends on the path of Divinity and if you get one, preserve those special beings at all costs : I can say that Jacob ji (Jake) is one such soul in my life, and I am honored to be associated in this way.

Let me just say that I had been experiencing excruciating psychological trauma and pain, inflicted by my own family: almost on a daily basis. I was unable to decipher the meaning of “accept everyone and let go”, and probably would never have – without his counselling. To me, his session had been much like his personality: calm, enlightened, placing wisdom as a matter-of-fact. By education, I have studied clinical psychology and counselling methods, and with that background I can confidently say that if someone is having trauma that’s more inquisitive in nature, or calls for interpretation of Divine wisdom, I don’t know anyone other than Jacob ji who can do it so well.

Outcome of his session was a certain mental clarity that I was yet to experience. This is not some counselling session that you do a day and forget on the very next one: rather this has the connection with the source. All I can say is that almost all of my life I had been roaming from Shivir to Shivir, searching for a certain clarity and wisdom … maybe the explanation had been a single moment of realization. Jacob ji has been that vessel who helped me receive it, and I express my heartfelt gratitude towards him.”

Anand (Canada)

IT professional

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