Shifting Into Awareness

Meditate on Chidakasha


Date: Feb 25, 2024

  • Time: 1 pm to 6 pm IST
  • Type: Zoom Webinar

Preparatory sessions compulsory. Preparatory sessions are free for those registering for this event.

If you only want to attend full week ‘Chidakasha Gita’ (Feb 19-24 • daily 6-9 pm) then click here.

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One of the direct ways to know the Self.

Bhagwan Nityananda, a great mystic, a liberated Avadhoota, taught the general masses deep details about spirituality. He was very often misunderstood as a granter of boons, not that he could not, but his great mission was to redeem people from the salvery of the mind, senses, and worldly glitter. Even then the masses ended up only in asking that which he wasn’t interested in (world) but never spught that which he was alway eager to give (salvation).

Few who realised thus beneffited the most in what his mission was. His teachings were simply but unclear due to unpolished language but unfortunately most of his most inportant teachings remained buried because of it’s straight-forward nature.

Jake Light is one who has only gained from him from the time, he without knowing anything about Nityananda, in an unplanned series of events, ending up in Ganeshpuri, at his Samadhi and having had msytical experiences. With no understanding of anything on spirituality he had an unimaginable transformation at his holy place on Dec 24, 2008, after which life was never the same for him. In a matter of few months, his drinking and smoking addiction ceased on its own. Since then the grace of Nityananda guided hhim to many masters, places and people from where only his grace flowed. It is by his grace he was able to understand the deep teachings of Chidakasha Gita which he today’s shares with those who have similar eagerness of the quest of nothing but the ultimate truth.

In this event we meditate on the Chidakasha, the abode of Nityananda, the abode of the Supreme.

For those who register for this event, will have free preparatory sessions the whole week prior (Feb 19-24 • daily 6 – 9 pm). These sessions are mandatory or you will not be able to understand the main webinar on Feb 25th.

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