YOUR JOURNEY (the journey of the seeker)

Welcome to the journey of your road map on the path towards enlightenment.

These are the stages that a seeker goes through after having an awakening to the journey. It all begins with something that may suddenly makes you feel awake and that is when you begin questioning your existence, you want to know about life and its mysteries, you are curious to know where have you come from and where are you going, you desire to know why you exist and the purpose of your life. Till the time you awaken you played the role of the victim feeling that someone out there and something out there was the reason for what is happening to you. After awakening, you realise that everything that brought you where you are right now is your own creation. This is when you begin to take 100% responsibility begins your awakening & seeking inAWARENESS.

You begin seeking your purpose and ways that make you realise that purpose and ways that can get you there. That is when you look out for a path or a way and get going through that path. There are multiple paths and all the paths are right, but what matters is which one is right for you. The one that you can resonate with is your path. We must understand that every human has different characteristics, interests, drives, attributes, etc. Each path cater differently to these different attributes and hence depending on your attributes you have an affinity towards a certain way of life, and that is how you choose a path.. and walk the path. You practice consistently because practice is what will make you shed the layers of ignorance that kept you away from your true self, the eternal, infinite, blissful being of light. So begins the practices inAWARENESS.

The first step of the practice begins will clearing up all unresolved and pending issues of life because this is what binds you to the cycle of birth and death. You keep coming back again and again just because you did not complete or resolve the pending issues of life with other beings. So in order to liberate, the first priority automatically becomes to complete all the pending issues of life. So begins the journey of resolving worldly karmas inAWARENESS.

As you move on with life and you become aware of not missing any of the opportunities that life presents to resolve the pending issues of your life, you also work on self-purifying yourself. It is important to know that all the karmic debts we have created with people and things till now or the karmic debts that we are constantly creating every moment in life is due to our deep-roopted samskaras or the psychic impressions that birth from the gunas that we have within us. So with the practices to cleanse and dissolve these gunas is what is self-purification in AWARENESS.

While you continue on the exciting journey of life, though life will keep providing you with solutions to help you achieve what you seek, the journey can become exhausting, especially to those who have a lot in stock to clear. This is important to know because then one will have the persistence and patience to take responsibility and keep marching ahead irrespective of what comes your way. One realises maturely that it may seem very challenging at times when one is faced with one’s obstacles while trying to clear one’s own muck, but awareness is what will help one keep going neutrally and firmly. One will then begin facing the challenges of the path in AWARENESS.

As one keeps moving, one’s resolve to achieve liberation from all that keeps you down will become more and more stronger. From here begins the seeking towards higher wisdom. Till here the prime focus was to clear off worldly karmas and clear one’s lower tendencies so that one can stabilise on the path. When a good amount of karmic debt clearance happens, one begins realising the impermanence of everything in the world. One begins realising the futility of desires and their fulfilment. One realises that there is no real fulfilment in desires and they only multiple and become the further cause of karmic bondage. In this awareness, one become more conscious of duality and its limitations. That is when the seeking to transcend duality begins and hence begins the journey towards non-duality (Advaita), which is when one begins treading on the real journey towards liberation in AWARENESS.

By now one is anticipated to have cleared and diminished most of the weighing lower gunas (lower attributes) that are subtle in nature but very powerful. Till now the main aim was to purify and become a good human being by developing more of positive, good and divine qualities, but now one realises that this still does not liberate a person completely for even the good gunas only create bondage to future lives as one is still bound by the cycle of cause and effect. This is when one’s seeking becomes very subtle  and sharp where one begins developing higher awareness to perceive the even higher truths. Slowly one by one all the ultimate truths are now revealed to the seeker as the veil thins and the seeker soon develops the urge to even transcend the goodness. This stage cannot come until the previous stages are cleared. In this state one is very near to ones goal, but the practice doesn’t stop until every single deep darkness is transmuted to light. That is when the seeker begins walking the path of higher awareness in PURE AWARENESS.

Throughout this entire journey one keeps practices and using various modalities of practices to keep transcending all lower attributes. The seeker makes use of the ascension tools.

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