Dear Ones,

To contribute, there are two ways:

  1. You can directly contribute via Credit/Debit card, Paypal or bank transfer. OR
  2. You can buy the products that will be listed here. Buying the products here is another way to offer your support, the revenue of which will be utilized for the cause.

The 3 causes listed are:

  1. DONATING for Shifting Into Awareness If you have been touched in any way through the services offered on my  Live Video Sessions, websites, blogs, vlogs, facebook posts, youtube videos, instagram posts.
  2. DONATING for Yogis, Sadhus, MonksWe strive to serve the Sadhus/monks/yogis by providing them meals/refreshments and also trying to help provide them treatment/medicines. In the same line we keep an eye on needy families and provide them with ration kits.

(NOTE: This site uses Stripe and Paypal payment options, both of which are safe. In case you wish to do a direct bank transfer, please visit click here for the bank details. If doing a bank transfer kindly send a mail to stating the amount sent and for what purpose. Please note that without this mail it is difficult to know where the fund needs to be diverted.)

Your gesture is much appreciated.

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