Attracting All That Is For Your Highest Good



The law of attraction and manifestation is very common in the world in which it is clear that the mind is the biggest tool for all manifestations, ranging from health to wealth to success to relationships to every desire.

In the spiritual realms, more emphasis is given to a purer and calmer mind for the manifestations to become even more powerful. Here, in Shifting Into Awareness all practices are to purify the mind and at the same time the emphasis is to go beyond the mind. Beyond the mind is the realm of intellect and beyond the intellect is the realm consciousness, which is the Source of all creation. When this zone is accessed the very purpose of objective of every desire is known and thus all creations can be done consciously so as to meet the needs, fulfill desires and responsibilities and eventually transcend the world.

In Shifting Into Awareness, emphasis is always laid on the final objective of taking a human life, that is, to liberate. At the same time, it is revealed that to liberate one must give completion to all the pending or unresolved tasks on earth, for which one took birth for. ATTRACTING ALL THAT IS FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD lays emphasis on creating everything in tune with the highest goal of human life. Any desire that is created without this priority intent, can only bring in materialistic manifestations, which can lead to more desires or bring in the consequences of those desires which might not be in line with liberation. Hence, a seeker, in an attempt to fulfill desires may actually fall prey to the consequences and thus deviate away from the main goal. In this course, everything is taught to be manifested but through the realms beyond the mind. That is why it has been repeatedly told that “You do not create what you think but what you are.” Here the complete objective is to create and fulfill all desires and responsibilities from beyond the mind level through the power of awareness. This is an ultimate course for householders and people who are yet striving to complete worldly tasks and at the same time desire strongly to ascend.