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Living In Awareness ~ Goa (Satsang)

May 7 @ 9:00 am 1:00 pm

Venue and other details will be shared with those who register…

Awareness helps……
~ To live more in awareness than in the mind
~ To effortlessly change the patterns of the mind
~ To live in a non-reactive neutral state
~ To live in calm, peace and contentment
~ To live in meditative states during the day
~ To live a balanced life in the world yet not influenced by it
~ To live in the present moment
~ To sharpen your intuition and inner guide
~ To gradually attain natural detachment from Maya
~ To live more in the soul than the ego
~ To go deeper in spirituality
~ To fulfil your main purpose of taking human birth
~ To start moving towards Self-realisation
~ To realise the God within
~ To transform others around you without speaking a word

A 4-hour satsang with practices taught to experience the pure awareness that you are, to help you navigate through samsara and attain complete freedom.

Donation based: You are free to contribute any amount you are capable of, so as to help spread this light of awareness to many others also.
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