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Living In Your Divine Presence (Webinar Course – English)

April 23 @ 2:00 pm 8:00 pm

LEARN THE PRACTICE of SHIFTING INTO AWARENESS and activating your DIVINE PRESENCE and then live in your DIVINE PRESENCE rather than living in the Mind.

This practice of LIVING IN YOUR DIVINE PRESENCE helps:
~ To help keep expanding your awareness
~ To easily live in the present
~ To live in open-eye meditative states
~ To live in 24×7 awareness
~ To live a balanced life in the world, yet not influenced by it
~ To sharpen your intuition and inner guidance system
~ To develop inner cheerfulness & freedom
~ To attain natural detachment from worldly attachments
~ To experience and live in your divine presence at all times
~ To gradually move from doing to being
~ To live a neutral non-reactive life of peace and happiness
~ To deepen your spiritual inner journey
~ To fulfil your main purpose of taking human birth
~ To start moving towards Self-realisation
~ To make your presence transform others

On Donation basis. Minimum contribution:
For seekers in India – Rs.1111
For seekers out of India – $33
for payment options click here

** If you have any financial constraints then please write to [email protected] But you need to be familiar with the platforms of Shifting Into Awareness and practising AWARENESS or atleast attempting to.


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