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Jacob is a seeker, meditator, writer, traveller, singer, musician, artist, poet and a lover – a lover of life and all the beautiful aspects of Creation. He has been writing since childhood and finally makes this attempt to bring everything together for the Ultimate good of all.

This website also will have multiple other writers from across the globe and they come from the beautiful friendship that he has maintained with them for over two decades since he began his journey. All of his other writings and blogs are shared at the bottom of this page, if they are of any use or interest to you.

He shares something in his own words below ~ “This website will give you many insights about the spiritual journey, travels, divine locations, living enlightened Masters, deeper meanings of the great Masters’ teachings, and various truths and tips of the life journey that may help a seeker in the path of ascension. It also deals with the challenges, obstacles, struggles of a seeker and various guidances how to smoothen the journey. Create we must within ourselves what we seek from the world. So, this website focuses everything on this, mostly on living a conscious life. If you have any genuine questions you may send a message and if in my capacity i would certainly reply. It is important to know one thing. i speak from only my experience and the best of knowledge i have received from my Master and the path. Hence, i do not take any contributions to that but my earnest intention is to help and if that helps you transition in any way on the path, my heart will have boundless joy.

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