About “Shifting Into Awareness”

Shifting Into Awareness directly represents your sacred space of awareness and the sacred space of awareness of every soul, which when merges becomes the sacred space of Universal Awareness. It represents the Oneness, the interconnectivity of everything in Existence. So you may call it the Soul or the Cosmic Consciousness.

The Earth has been consistently evolving as per the Natural Laws of Existence and as we undertake this journey at this time of the evolution of the Earth and it’s inhabitants, Shifting Into Awareness  relates the journey of every individual that is thriving to evolve. As sparks of that Divine one Eternal Flame, we all have that essence and that quality of Divine Love and Light, which makes it a moral or basic responsibility to ourselves evolve and at the same time help every thing in the Space we exist, to evolve and grow.

It is said that by lighting the path of others your own path is lit. The assistance of every single soul is needed for us to make a better and smoother transition for that is where the power of The Universal Awareness lies. It is a good known fact that if you want to change the world, change yourself first. If you want the world to evolve, evolve yourself first, because we all represent the ‘world’. It is only when each one of us pitch in that the transition will be of greater impact.

Shifting Into Awareness holds within it’s sacred space immense love and gratitude to the Eternal Immortal Beings or the Great Masters or Enlightened Beings who have walked on this planet, without whom, our wellbeing, sustenance and evolution would not have been possible. It is because of their powerful energies attained through their hard austerities that they were able to self-purify and self-illuminate, which later they used for the benefit of Creation. They had been, have been and will always be sharing their Divine Love and Light to keep Dharma uplifted, to keep human evolution from going haywire, but moving higher towards light and back to Source.

Shifting Into Awareness team works on bringing all the positive, transformational, inspiring real stories, posts, articles, messages, news that all contribute towards the wellbeing, purification and higher evolution of your own space of awareness.  This website contains posts from multiple websites, multiple light workers, multiple paths, all gathered from all those sparks of light that have walked or are walking the one path to the one common destination. All material provided here are provided with an intention that they create an awareness or an awakening or give a boost to inspire to better things of higher vibrations, or if not, just to even bring you the peace and calm and inner joys of your inner being. So what we provide here on Shifting Into Awareness comes from awareness of many souls and go straight into The Conscious Space of the readers.

If you like to contribute anything that promotes that well being of Shifting Into Awareness website and of the readers, please feel free to write to us and we shall be more than glad to include them on the website.

Finally, do not forget to share Shifting Into Awareness with awareness of the world by sharing about it.

Divine Love, Light and Peace

Stay Blessed!

Jake Light shares something in his own words below ~ “This website will give you many insights about the spiritual journey, travels, divine locations, living enlightened Masters, deeper meanings of the great Masters’ teachings, and various truths and tips of the life journey that may help a seeker in the path of ascension. It also deals with the challenges, obstacles, struggles of a seeker and various guidances how to smoothen the journey. Create we must within ourselves what we seek from the world. So, this website focuses everything on this, mostly on living a conscious life. If you have any genuine questions you may send a message and if in my capacity i would certainly reply. It is important to know one thing. i speak from only my experience and the best of knowledge i have received from my Master and the path. Hence, i do not take any contributions to that but my earnest intention is to help and if that helps you transition in any way on the path, my heart will have boundless joy.