You, the AWARENESS, are your Saviour

The more you look for a Saviour outside of you, THE MORE HELPLESS AND DESPERATE you become. The tendency will then be to cling to anything or anyone who you feel is going to save you. That’s a delusion, arising from your own weakness of helplessness and because of the outward seeking in hope and despair. If you haven’t learnt to turn inward and work on yourself to remove those weaknesses, the ego will convince you that the solution lies outside. Then you feel a like a victim. Only when you feel you are a victim you can cling outside. Only a victim can hope for a Saviour from outside to rescue. A whole life or lifetimes may pass in this.
For some it takes a few life experiences to realise this. For some it takes a few deep observations from other’s life to learn this. For a few yet, it takes a lifetime to realise this until life teaches them this reality.
So, are all the divine workers out there not of any use? They can only show you a path or shed light on a path but walk you must. Not just walk but master it yourself too. But then, instead of walking, many run on the path thinking they will reach earlier, until they becomes AWARE that it’s an endless path, and it was not about the destination, but the journey – mastering during the journey itself. People may walk but hardly any of them master it because they strongly believe they are only meant to walk and walk and walk and the Saviour will master them..
To master it, you need to believe in yourself first. To believe in yourself you need to clear all those conditionings that made you believe that you are incapable of it. You need to learn to live yourself because it is only when you are able to love yourself. When you are unable to love yourself, you want someone to love you from outside – that little love that you seek from outside. A little love from outside and you helplessly fall for it. Because there is a desperate need to be loved, to be saved!
You need to clear the fear that keeps you from believing in yourself. Because that fear and insecurity will create a subconscious need for someone to cling on to, someone to hold on to, and someone to look upto. You might not notice it but your vibes will draw in people, places and things into your life whom you will cling on to. You may think it all happened outside of you but no, it was your own creation. Then, you remain hooked, never giving yourself the opportunity to even think or guess where all this happening from. Awareness reveals it to you, that is, if you ever move into that space of ‘knowing’. That happens only when you firstly even have the interest to save yourself, because only the one who takes responsibility or self-interest can even be desirous of Shifting Into Awareness , shifting into something within. Until then, things happen in your life and you are not even aware of how and why it’s happening.
Even abuse happens only when you don’t believe in yourself. Someone else is aware that you don’t have confidence in yourself. That is how you attract them. There is no point blaming anyone or anything outside because it is one’s own creation. Only when one can see and understand this clearly, can one move towards saving oneself. That is when you actually beginning walking the path, your inner path.
So, the solution lies in clearing yourself of all wrong conditionings, patterns and beliefs that you have picked up as you grew up which has now become an active part of you, but something so subtle that you don’t even notice it: your conditionings will not allow you to notice it. You picked it all up during all your earthly years of unawareness, where the world only taught you how to always look outside and never ever taught you how to go within. If you have the gift of being aware, AWARENESS is your real Saviour.
Divine Love and Light 💛✨
~ Jake Light