The final qualification for eternal graduation (liberation). Ever wondered what kind of text books are of this University?
Here are few of the main final text books in the Spiritual University for eternal graduation (liberation).

“AVADHOOTA GITA” of Lord Dattatreya
“ASHTAVAKRA GITA” of Sage Ashtavakra
“CHIDAKASHA GITA” of Bhagwan Nithyananda
“GORAKSHA SHATAKAM” of Bhagwan Gorakshanath
“VAIRAGYA SHATAKAM” of Raja Bharthrahari
“NIRVANA SHATAKAM” of Adi Shankaracharya
“DASA BHODDHA” of Swami Samarth Ramdas
“GYANESHWARI” of Saint Gyaneshwar
“GYANA SINDHU” of Avadhoota Chidananda
“SIDDHA VEDAM” of Sivananda Paramahamsa
“I AM THAT I AM” of Nisargadatta Maharaj

All these text books have great inputs of the final states of human consciousness before liberation and all these are the very practical experiences of the great ones, who chose to leave behind these great signatures for those who are ripe to face the ultimate truth of human consciousness. All the rest of the text books and practices are preparatory courses for this final course. Until there is mastery in the preparatory courses, one cannot become eligible for this course. There are thus many religions, practices, paths – all of which are very valid to uplift human consciousness to a certain level without which these truths of nonduality cannot be ever deciphered. Only after one thoroughly understands duality will he be ready to transcend duality. That is the eligible moment for one gaining access to this nondual University.

Seats are very limited in this course and it is difficult to get admission and even if you get, it is extremely difficult to pass through and graduate (liberate). There is no degree after this for the eternal jubilation is yours, and that is why this course is tough. It is a great blessing if you have even interest in these texts because that reflects your merits for admission into this University. The best part is there is no other criteria here for admission other than a keen interest in the course itself. Any inclination or keenness for the subject in these books are directly proportional to your probability for merits into the course. Pat yourself if you have interest in any of these because one cannot develop interest on their own will, how much ever one may try, because it needs the merits of passing other basic tests of human life – the tests of desires.

It’s funny that even though these texts books are the highest of education in the human spiritual graph, they are hardly known in the larger population. A large percentage don’t even know of their existence and it is simply because that is how it is supposed to be – not everyone is eligible to it. This course and its syllabus is like a hidden course taught in a hidden university right amidst the crowd, but difficult to be spotted, just like a higher dimension existing right amidst the human geographical location of the earth, yet unseen by man. It is unseen because it’s frequency is higher. Samsara, maya, duality are what keeps the human vibes lower so that only that which is distractive to this vidya keeps man busy in samsara. Only when the veil thins shall such texts begin appearing luring or lucrative to the awakening man. If that is happening to you take that as a great blessing. The interest in these texts are often underestimated, because the larger population doesn’t approve of it or shuns it and maybe even mocks it. Many are scared if it and hence don’t even speak of it for these are the last text books of human evolution and the ones with too many desires don’t want to make it their last, which is why they fear these texts and dread it. They may be aware of it but keep a blind eye towards it out of some deep fear just like how one is aware about death but never wants to even think of it, but is fully aware of it’s presence. These books are not popular in large quantity like the other juicy lucrative ornamental books of pleasure and delight,, and thus is known to just to a handful percentage of the earth’s mighty population, but then don’t you notice what is the ratio of enlightened beings in comparison to ignorant beings? It is just a handful percentage of enlightened beings in the billions on this earth!

So, do not look at these subjects in the minority play of illusion for that is also a part of the illusory game of consciousness itself and that is how it is designed to be. It keeps away the distracted crowd. If you are inclined towards it know that you are blessed beyond your knowing. Lastly, owning these text books is not enough, for these are then only theories. These must be applied to real practical sessions too in the training in daily life. Tread on these sacred scriptures that will shatter all the remaining games of the mind and deliver unto you the eternal truths and secrets, straight to the point and without beating around the bush, like other schools of spirituality. It is raw wisdom in its most pristine form. If you are ready, go for it, if not wait until something sparks in you at the anointed time, and when it does, remember this post. Divine love and light. 💛✨