~ How life is the game of snake and ladder
~ Everyone is living their experience of what they chose to experience. Noone is ahead and noone is behind. All are moving at their own pace and will reach their destination sooner or later. We cannot judge anyone’s journey.
~ An example of pure awareness looking at attachment and the pain that comes with it
~ The feeling of being stuck in the journey of life is only an illusion. Know how…
~ How to work out your worldly karmas without getting carried away
~ How saints and mystics operate in the dual world
~ Mind is impure has its limits and cannot go above a certain level, only pure awareness can..
~ The excuse of saying that we are only fulfilling our worldly responsibilities
~ How are take multiple detours on the journey without even realising you have done so..
~ Clear indication of someone not in absolute aware is the feeling of being lost
~ The story of a man who got reborn as a pig due to attachment and how the children try to save their father from the pig yoni
~ Never run behind opening third eye or other siddhis
~ Science of Para (mercury) and Shiva Tattva
~ My experience with the Paradeshwara Linga and Gurudev’s priceless wisdom on siddhis and the journey to Supreme
~ What is the Parashakti and her forms as shakti – Laksmi, Saraswati, Kali, etc
~ Deep insights of understanding Parashiva and Parashakti
~ How pandemic is a manifestation of Parashakti itself and how there is a solution but the collective isn’t really aware of.
~ My new learning from Chidakasha Gita on who is the Taraka Brahman?
~ Understanding how deaths, pandemic, disasters are the play of consciousness
~ Why is “God” silent in today’s state of the world?
~ You will remain enjoying the play of consciousness till you are fed up..
~ Having worldly responsibilities is not an excuse for not being enthusiastic about the path
~ Maharishi Patanjali says that the purpose of meditation is liberation, but
~ Every person, even a criminal or robber, is seeking liberation and permanent bliss but in the wrong places..
~ Spiritual ego manifests into spiritual materialism and spiritual narcism.
~ Hardcore truths is perceived only by a very limited population and for the rest it is offence
~ Chidakasha Gita says speak of only that which is in your experience
~ How to see God in everyone and everything
~ How to justify the atrocities in the world today?
~ All the “Gitas” are operating from the nondual space
~ We are all Arjunas – the Kshatriyas (warrior of light) fighting against our own darkness and Krishna is our inner light of awareness
~ We guide people of all paths and religions because we respect all paths and all religions. All religions and all paths work. Only adding the light of awareness into their practices.
~ The purpose and goal of Shifting Into Awareness
~ Training the mind and practice of awareness may be a bit difficult in the start but eventually practice makes things very easy and spontaneous
~ A beautiful story told by Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa about disciplining the mind
~ Little about ‘Chitta Vritti Nirodha’ of Maharishi Patanjali

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