Problems with the head: Feeling that something is wrong with “us”.
Hair problems: Lack of strength; tension.
Ear problems: Unwillingness to hear what’s going on around you; anger about what is heard.
Stomach problems: Inability to assimilate new experiences; fear of new ideas.
Neck problems: Stubbornness; inability to see the other side of the equation.
Throat problems: Feeling inadequate to stand for yourself; repressed anger; swallowing emotional hurt.
Back problems: Lack of support. Upper back: lack of emotional support, holding back love; Middle back: Guilt; Lower back: lack of financial support, fear of money.
Eye Problems: Not liking what you see in your life; Not wanting to see the past, present or the future; Not seeing Truth.
Knee problem: Inflexibility; stubbornness; inability to bend; ego.
Lung problems: Feeling that we do not have the right to live life fully.
Mouth problems: Incapacity to take ideas; closed mind; set opinions.
Nerve problems: Confused thinking; fear; struggle; anxiety.
Breast problems: Over-mothering a place, person, a thing or an experience.
Heart problems: Denying yourself joy and love.
Bladder problems: Being pissed off.
Colon problems: Inability to let go; holding on to the old.
Leg problems: Inability to move forward; reluctance for the future.
Allergies: Who are you allergic to? False ego and sensitivity.
Cold: Confusion, dis-order, small hurts; Family and calendar beliefs.
Diabetes: Sense of sorrow; No sweetness in life.
Fatigue: Resistance, boredom; Lack of love for what you do.
Gas pains: Gripping undigested ideas; Gulping air from fear.
Headaches: Invalidating the self; emotional upsets; uncertainty.
Migraine: Putting too much pressure on yourself; wanting to be perfect; suppressed anger.
Sinus: Irritation with someone in your life; someone bearing down on you.
Itching: Unsatisfied desires; remorse; guilt.
Jaundice: Prejudice; discoloured beliefs.
Overweight: Need for protection; insecurity; seeking love; fear of loss; stuffing feelings.
Frequent pains: Punishment for guilt; blockage; belief in bondage.
Rheumatism: Resentment; lack of love; chronic bitterness; feeling of revenge.
Ulcers: Anxiety; fear of not being good enough.
Venereal disease: Belief that sex is sinful; sexual guilt; need for punishment.
Warts: Self-hatred; believing you are ugly; guilt.
Constipation: Inability to let go; tendency to over-save.
Varicose veins: Having to stand for a job you hate.
Arthritis: Constant pattern of criticism of self and others; need to be perfect.
Boils, cuts, fevers, sores, inflammations: Anger
Cancer: deep resentment for a long time; disappointment; hopelessness.
Stiffness: Stiffness in the mind; clinging to old ways.
Swelling: Stagnation in emotional thinking; bottled-up tears; blaming others for your limitations.
Tumors: Running old grudges; staying hurt for long time.
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