OKAY,  may be i am wrong, but check what your consciousness tells you about it and decide 🙂
When the great ones talk about desirelessness, we justify that even seeking for liberation is a desire. It is nothing but our mind’s justification to our inability to live the teachings of our ancestors wholly. Heart know, mind plays.
When the great mystics say desire is the root cause for suffering, they are referring to the lower desires – desire for money, fame, progeny, property, possessions, title, glory, Desire is “kaamna” meaning “kaam” or lust. Lust is not just sexual lust, but all desires of lower tendencies is lust. When you desire for god you never say it is “lust for god”, but when you desire for money it is surely said, “lust for money”. See the difference? One is a lower desire and one is a higher desire.
It is important to understand that higher desire is something that can happen only when lower desires diminish. Higher desire is needed to propel you further towards the highest state of desirelessness, just like lower desires itself propells you towards higher desire. Because it all begins with one going into a mad search for peace and happiness outside, soon to realise it is all futile, after which triggers the higher desire of seeking the same within as soon as one begins getting glimpses of the inner results. So lower desire eventually takes you to higher desire, and higher desire eventually leads you towards desirelessness.
So, desiring for good health, wealth (for sustenance & not hoarding), success, love, courage, etc are not sins. They are more refined desires depending on the bhaav (intent or motive) behind them. It is only when these desires becomes perverted that it creates bondage than liberation. Like, if you desire for good health with a good physical body to sustain your life purpose it is of a higher desire but when that becomes perverted the same desire can turn into lust for building up that body for showoff or glamour or to attract others or to feel superior, etc. Similarly, desire for money for sustaining oneself and to help others is a higher desire but when that becomes perverted it turns into a lust for hoarding, amassing, pleasure, comfort, status, etc.
So, let’s not just justify the words of our great lineage, because what they said were not just casual words, even though we may talk about them very casually, depending on how seriously we want to understand what they said or how we wish to put forth our own teachings into their teachings. By justifying teachings of our Ascended Masters, we are only disrespecting their words.
That’s why, it is very easy for us to take pride in our mystical lineage, but so hard to face and digest what their actual teachings are. When we follow the lineage with so much pride and purity, let us also take pride in imbibing deeply into every single teaching, without any selective picks. When we have embraced the path as a whole, embraced the lineage as a whole, we must also embrace their every teaching as a whole.
Gratitude to the great mystical lineage.
Gurudeva Sharanam, Gurumandala Sharanam ?✨
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