Even though it may not seem so. Even, on earth right now, is the time when there is so much of resistance, individually and collectively. i always speak from the collective point also, because it is important to remember that individuals put together is collective.
Currently, a lot of resistance is on. Resistance to non-acceptance of what is happening to in or around our lives. Resistance happens when we don’t feel comfortable about the things happening in our lives, when we feel that this is not how things should be, or this is not how we want things to be. There is nothing wrong in trying to create what you want or how you want things to be, but it is equally important to note that resistance means creating what you don’t want. When you resist, you are living in that friction, in that discomfort of unhappiness, in nongratitude, in uneasiness, and when you live in this state, that is what reflects as the creation vibes. But this is unknowing creation.

So, it is important to allow things to happen. Whatever happens or whatever is happening in your life is not by fluke – it was meant to be that way. So, what was meant to be that way, if accepted, will play its role and eventually pass. What is resisted may move aside for a moment but it will come back. What you resist, persists. What comes to you is your prarabhdha karma and thus it is important to be in acceptance than resistance. This is the meaning of “Jis vidhi raakhe us viddhi rahiye” meaning “Live in that state which you are kept” Kept by whom? The divine order. Please do not misinterpret this with accepting it as fate and gloom. No. It just means looking beyond what is happening than being stuck in what is happening. Please read in awareness this article and by the end of it, a great knowing will engulf you.

Know that everything is in perfect order. Everything that was supposed to happen or is happening is the perfect divine order. It may seem or feel uncomfortable, but just become aware and you will note that the uneasiness is due to the resistance of what is supposed to happen in the divine order. Everything that happens to us is meant to teach us something valuable so that we overcome it. There is a seed hidden in every incident. So, if you shift into awareness, you will be able to focus more on the seed and catch what it is trying to teach you. We normally focus more on the incident or happening with uneasiness, which is why it all looks so horrendous at times or so huge or so overwhelming.

Bhagwan Nithyananda spoke so much about the train when explaining so many details of life, and i am inspired to use the same metaphor.

When the train moves from the start to the destination, it goes through places and stations, through various terrains and plains, through various long and short halts, through various cultures, languages, and traditions of places, through various temperatures and climates, through rain, sunshine, and darkness, through the green plains and the dark tunnels. You pass through some stations that are neat and beautiful and some stations stinky and dirty. But all the while, you, as a passenger do not react to every situation differently. You do not panic when the train enters a tunnel nor you jump in joy when when you see a river. Why? Because deep down you are AWARE that you are passing through a temporary phase. What you KNOW is that you will reach your destination soon. So you are are looking forward to the destination and not really the passing moments. But at the same time, you are relishing every passing moment because there is a greater anticipation that with each of those passing moments you are nearing the destination. So you are only in a state of awareness.

Exactly similar is our life journey. Life is supposed to pass through many, many, many phases but they are supposed to be in there. You cannot be in denial for any of these experiences. We get into denial or resistance because we get our of awareness – awareness that this is not our destination. The best part of the train journey is that we are not the driver (doer). There is something unseen that is driving us to our destination. You don’t see your train driver nor do you even know what is he upto or even who is he? Drivers change in the journey, engines change, staff changes, but what remains is the train and it’s passengers. Similarly, there are lot of forces guiding us – our Masters, our ascended masters, our spiritual guides. We do not really know who is doing what, we need not know – like we need not know who the train driver or who the staff is, but we must be rest assured that they are all the staff of the central government – the Supreme.

In the journey, you also get entertained. Sometimes people entertain with songs and music or some skill. We are entertained with all kinds of foods and delicacies. We are entertained with shopping. Sometimes there are accidents, repairs, delays, detours – but there are people working on it all the time. So that they reach you to your destination because that is their responsibility. You see, so many people are working simultaneously to reach you towards your destination. As a passenger, you are aware of this fact, and that is why you sit back relaxed. When there are delays you don’t fret and fume or resist or get down the train, because you know it is beyond your control. You know very well that all you can do is wait and do something more meaningful meanwhile than sitting worried or fighting with the authorities. That KNOWING is what gives you the patience and perseverance to rather do something worthwhile then. You may read a book, eat something, sip something, watch something, play a game, meditate, talk to someone or maybe even sleep over it. Sooner or later the train gets going. This is exactly how life is. In the whole train journey, you are fully aware that you are not the doer at all. So you remain relaxed and enjoying the journey by accepting everything the way it is.

Accepting things the way they are, accepting people the way they are will bring a lot of relief. Because now you have accepted that what is outside of you is beyond your control. You cannot control others or why or how others think, feel or do what they think, feel or do. It is their choice. My choice is to choose how i think, feel or do about my life. So, you simply allow others to be what they are, because you are accepting others the way they are, yes, with their flaws, their incompleteness, their imperfections – because now you realise that you are yourself also not perfect with your own flaws and incompleteness. So if you deserve to be around and given opportunities to transcend those limitations, so do all others deserve it too. Just like how life is teaching you so many things for your highest good, exactly others also are being taught. Now, i am not concerned whether they learn or no, because its their lives, their choices, their destiny. i don’t make other’s destiny, but i make my destiny. So what should matter to me is how am i making my choices. Only thing is that – just like a passenger in the train – awareness must be there. Without awareness, i will act unconsciously, on my impulses, on my samskaras, but with awareness, i will act consciously, fully aware, that whatever is happening to me – good, bad, ugly – is all in perfect order. Accepting whatever doesn’t mean i up accepting it as fate. No. It simply means that i am accepting this as a temporary phase that life is moving me through – for i know now that this is all for the highest good of me and the highest good of all. Shifting into this perception and let gratitude flow for everything and everyone.

Dear ones, shift more into the field of your awareness and realise this, again and again and again. Keep shifting into awareness and see things from that beautiful awareness, just like how you have shifting now into a certain awareness and are seeing things in your life bit differently. Notice the difference of how you were looking at things before you read this article (in unawareness) and now how do you see things (in awareness). That is the beauty of awareness. Life will suddenly seem less overwhelming. Gratitude will flow towards the divine and all the workers of the divine who are relentlessly working behind the scene to reach you to your destination. Gratitude will flow to all the events of your life too, because without them, we would not have learnt higher lessons. They are all delivering what they need to. They were all meant to be. They are all in divine order. Everything is in divine order. In unawareness you see chaos. In awareness you see peace.