Do people know everything in advance?

Someone asked, “You know everything?”

I said,
“Not at all. Noone in existence knows everything. Thank you for that guesswork about me. I know what makes you say that. It’s because I speak my mind out. Everybody has something called a ‘knowing’ in them which can be easily tapped into when you are in the moment and shift into awareness. That feeling you won’t trust easily because you never trusted yourself ever. Since childhood you were always taught to trust something outside – your elders, your teachers, the scriptures, holy men, a god that is outside, but you were never told to trust yourself or your feelings. That made a slave of everyone. They will trust the intuition of an astrologer or a life coach or a so-and-so expert because you were taught to believe in others than yourself. You were always taught to be aware of the things outside, what others tell you, what the stars tell you, what the news tell you, what the politician tells you, what the critics tell you, and for that you were always trained to be aware of your surroundings but you were never taught to be aware of yourself.
This is the advantage to the mighty control systems of the world. They will continue to ask you to trust not anyone, not even yourself, but only trust them ? That way you remain enslaved to everything and everyone outside you. You will clung to all support systems from outside, even to know what to do in your life, you will need life coaches, mentors, guides and what not. Why? Because you were never taught to ask yourself, seek within yourself. When I ask you to look into yourself and become aware of yourself, you don’t believe it. And when I look within, into my own deep consciousness, into my awareness, and i see something that a conditioned mind doesn’t see, and when I share that, that baffles you ?
Well, I share not just what is in my awareness but surely a lot which is in the awareness of the collective. When I share posts of the collective, it may seem to a threatened mind that some agency has hired me to promote their stuff. ? It’s a big taboo to share views and insights of the collective. Let me share that these are certainly not what my mind is ‘entertained’ from. They are those insights that have perfectly synced with what I saw. When you look into your awareness and get an insight and simultaneously the lot in the collective share the very same insight, I know this cannot be wrong for it has emerged from the deep experience and the people’s insights out there validates it, even though it may not really appeal to pre-conditioned mind.
So this is the ‘knowing’ of not just a personal mind but a collective mind, mind you ? So, how to know how true is it? For that, tune into your own inner awareness, which is something that will not lie, and if that relates, then you ‘know’ something too.. not because I said or anyone said, now you simply know it from your own awareness. But for that you need to learn to trust yourself, you need to become more aware of yourself than any medium.outside of you.
Lastly, even if you know something will that really happen? Well, that is why I precisely said that even though we may know everything we still do not know everything. Because our future reality is completely based on our present moment. And present is changing every moment. Every moment you are creating and so is the collective. If some deep insight is out in the collective and collectively all work on it, it will begin manifesting. But if the collective sways, the results will sway too. Collective is you, me and everyone put together one by one. What the larger percentage thinks, feels and acts, is what will be created. So even if I or you know everything, it is a knowing only of that precise moment or the time of the day, how it manifests is how the collective is going to respond to it. So, nobody really knows everything, even though one may have the capacity to know everything. But the best thing your awareness and the awareness of the collective can show you is the plain truth of everything. How you act on it is completely your choice, your freewill.
That’s why I don’t trust anyone when they say “Listen to me only, the rest are all fake out there. They will manipulate you.” Well, this statement itself is the greatest manipulation ever, with some insecurity lurking there. I would rather listen to someone who tells me how to trust my own inner voice, how to develop my own awareness and inner guidance system and help navigate through life confidently and independently than something that constantly asks me to constantly doubt myself and trust them only. Dependence only makes one weaker and more of a parasite but training one to become independent, self-sufficient and blossom on their own is true spirituality.
An important question mankind must periodically ask themselves is “Are we here to liberate souls or bind souls?” If it is to liberate then each must be taught to develop and sharpen their own awareness and their ‘knowing’. Unfortunately, this is a difficult expectation from maximum systems of the world, that do not really intend to let that happen to you because if you know it all yourself, then the systems itself would crumble. But that is just a wrong belief of the systems. I believe the systems would only flourish and strengthen further into human consciousness because the ‘knowing’ ones will truly ‘know’ gratefully that this liberation was given to them by that system. The system will automatically hold credibility for all the soul’s it has successfully liberated. That is how systems become authentic, not in any other way.”
So, do I know everything? Not really, but for this moment, I know this.?