NOTHING IS WORKING? Nothing has gone wrong. Just check your priorities and your awareness on them.

(Disclaimer: These are all insights from my personal journey towards light and what worked for me. If it appeals to you, you may use it or you may discard it.)
When you are on the path of light, know one thing for certain. You are going to be illuminating areas of dark and just like nothing in existence wants to die, the darkness too doesn’t. There will be a conflict, opposition, distractions, tests, trials… and all kinds of oppositions from the external as well as internal. That is why the path is not an easy path. For you are alone. Not even your own mind and emotions are your friends, for you will one day realize that even they, who you thought were your best friends, have also been somewhere bribed by the dark. Your own mind won’t listen to you. Your own ego will create unimaginable problems and sufferings for you. That’s why i say you (the soul) are alone, because all that we think is us is not really us – the ego, intellect, the mind and all its contents. You think all these entities that we have stored within us will just go by our commands? In fact, that is when we really understand who is the boss. If you (soul) are really the boss, then why doesn’t at your one command “leave!” to the ego, impurities, darkness, they don’t leave? How can these then be ours, which is so opposite and not in sync with where we want to go? There are lot of impurities that have found their way into us throughout our lives through unmindful living. So, the battle is not just external forces but internal forces too.

So, on this path of self-awareness, the day we wake up is when we really wake up and say, “Enough is enough, I am seriously going to get my house cleaned.” Just like Jesus went to the temple and threw all the impure ones out of the temple, yelling at them to have made the temple of his father (god) a place of business. This is symbolical to us also, waking up and taking a strong stand, not just a wishful thought. Only and only and only and only will the spiritual journey even commence further if this happens. The day we decide to begin treat our body as a temple, our mind as the temple is when truly the purification process starts. Otherwise all this spirituality stuff you see around is just another adornment to the spiritual ego, entertainment that we will keep playing, one after the other. It’s just like the festivals. They give you a sense of holiness and an impression of doing something holy and good. There is glamour, fun, wisdom, entertainment, thrill, excitement and then we get back to life the way it was only to keep waiting for another festival. Why? So that we can have another round of fun. That’s the loop. Similarly, in spirituality, until you pick up the scrubber and get to your knees and begin (scrubbing within), nothing really happens, yes, it may otherwise look as though a lot is happening. That is why when one really sits to evaluate, there is nothing but frustration. What happened to that wonderful feeling i once had on the path? What happened to that moment of bliss? Why doesn’t it happen again? Where has it disappeared? It has disappeared because festivals also come and disappear. If you want everyday to be festive, then everyday you must be in the festival mode, everyday must be your ‘happy baddey’. Everyday we must treat others also as though it is their ‘happy baddey’. Because when you know everyday is a festival, cleaning also will then be unlike occasional festival time only, but it will be an everyday process.

Cleaning means purification. Dear ones, there is nothing and absolutely nothing without the process of self-purification. The path (any path) is all about self-purification. This is one thing that CANNOT be bypassed, come what may, do what may.
For that to happen, is why mindfulness is important. Mindful living. Because only when you are mindful you identify and become constantly aware of everything that is not in sync with your purification process and decide whether to allow that into your life or not.

That means, your body is a temple, your mind is a temple. When you remain in this mindful awareness you easily allow only that which will retain it’s purity or disallow anything and everything that will not. Imagine the most beautiful and holy temple that you have visited and felt utmost divine. Now imagine that to be your body. How was that temple? How was the inner chamber, the garbhagraha? Was it pure or dirty. What was offered to the Lord there? Pure things? Then if you are mindful of your body being a temple why would you offer impure things to it? There is no “chalta hai” when it comes to this path. Then you are only fooling yourself or others in the name of spirituality.

So, when you are mindful, you will stop putting garbage into your body and your mind. Will the temple allow anybody to walk in and do anything there and go. Offer anything and go? No way. Same way, you have all the right to say NO. You and the space you have, that space may be your body where you reside temporarily and also your house or room where you and your temple are residing temporarily for the work of purification that you came here to do on this planet. You have all the right to decide what comes in and what comes not in. Am talking from my own personal experiences where i constantly try to keep this mindful. I may fail at times but what is more important is that i am trying to be alert, awake and mindful all the time so that next time i don’t fall. This is a continuos process dear ones. This is what sadhna is all about. It is a 24×7 work and not half hour or one hour a day. You will end up in a viscous cycle of an endless loop of dirtying and purifying. You will purify in that one hour and dirty yourself in the next 23 hours then siting cleaning it in the next sadhna.

i really do not care about how the world operates, i am always watching how my ancestors, my Masters, our lineage of countless Ascended Masters, how they operate. Keep your vision on how they operate dear ones, not on how the world operates. So the rules may differ when it comes to how the physical world operates and how the astral world operates.
i have made certain rules in my life and stick by it – come what may. Have said strict no to phone gossips. Have lost a large number of people, relatives, family because of this operation that is very much against the way the world operates, but then as i said we don’t go by the world norms or people norms, but what is in the highest good of oneself and for all. i use phone call only for the most bare minimum and so also the chats. No chats are casual talks. i use the internet platforms only for doing my work, and i understand i am operating in a space where there are again so many worldly norms. i often come across people who are easily offended because i don’t pick their calls, i don’t answer their messages. Again, if you fall for the worldly norms, you will feel guilty or triggered by it, but when you don’t operate from that end, it doesn’t really matter. For me, it is a personal choice because i don’t want any distraction in my work or life, so i have made a crystal clear decision years back, that i will only post on my timeline and the other social media platforms that i use and that i won’t be not bothered of any other communications. Some genuine messages i do reply, but i leave the final decision only to myself. We have to always ponder of what use are our actions. Is it fruitful and encouraging in my work or is it a distraction or something unfruitful or unworthy in my life. If it is not, it doesn’t matter. My Gurudev taught me how to be merciless when it comes to avoiding anything that disturbs your focus. He lived like that too and i was immensely inspired by his life.

i know that what i post here would surely be of immense help if that is tried in practical life and so my intensions are that even if one person it has helped, my work is done. And those who like to make use of it will do it, there will be no need for a private chit-chat. All these are all only short-cuts. So i don’t really feel guilty of not ‘helping’ someone who doesn’t have the time to read or contemplate on what i post, neither has interest and time to work on oneself. Most of the internal messages are prayers or healing requests or requesting favours from Masters and other places, or casual ‘how are you’ stuff and other seeking quick solutions to their life problems. For that you need astrologers or palmists. We are sadhna people and we will point back to scrubbing yourself only. Short-cuts have never worked in anyone’s life, and we must get over these things now. Sometimes i get hate messages or even harassing messages but these things over the years the “Light” has shown me very clearly how darkness operates and how the oppositions and distractions will come from all corners. These are the tests of the path, which i do not wish to play or entertain. There is simply an ignore or block button on Facebook, and that keeps things clean.

This not just happens to me but with every single one out there, but only thing is that you may not be mindful about it or are operating from the worldly policies of ‘log kya kahenge’ and thus you may feel compelled to explain, justify, etc because you don’t want to be in anyone’s bad books. We want to be or appear good everywhere. No my dear. That will never happen. This is nothing, even if you are doing the most brilliant or purest work on earth also, you will not be spared. So, are we using these filters and facilities? Not just on facebook but also in real internal life? We have all these inbuilt mechanism to identify what is good and bad for us. Viveka or discrimination is that software to identify and your will is that button which you apply that action.

I don’t give a second thought to hit the block or ignore button if something is not seeming to understand my privacy or my policy. Yes, everyone is entitled to their policy. You are cautious when you open the door after a door-knock, right? Won’t you be alert in who you would be allowing into your home? Similarly, in all other areas, be it food, entertainment, thoughts, etc, we can be alert but we normally are not because we are not mindful. Even your profile or the space you use on the social media is your temple. I 100% treat this space as my temple. I always am mindful to keep it clean and pure and thus at the same time, don’t allow anyone else to make it impure in any way. All irrelevant unwanted comments also are taken off as i make sure that no such vibes affect it here. Sometimes people are in the mood to have debates here or arguments here and i understand the provocation as a disturbance to that ease, which will become disease, so i don’t hesitate to pluck that off right away. So, we must keep alert like a gardener who doesn’t allow weeds to grow in his garden. Both externally and internally i mean.
That is why i put disclaimers that if these posts offend, one must unfriend or remove me right away so that these don’t appear on your timelines. There is no question of arguments or debates because i am not posting in any public group, where i want to impose my thoughts on someone. I am just posting on my wall which i treat as my personal space, and those who like will read, and those not will ignore, simple. i do not go to anyone’s wall to change, dictate or impose because they are doing it on their space rightfully, so what if it doesn’t go with what i think or feel. Hence i do not tolerate anyone doing it here too. This attitude though might seem arrogant but believe me guys, it has made life very simple, easy and also productive way to do my work quietly. Plus it gives readers that good space and feeling to read things without having to find their way into a messy place. ? Am so grateful to all these wonderful social media platforms that gives everyone the opportunity to express and share things that will help others too. ?

Whatever, remember one thing dear ones, if you go with the “chalta hai” attitude for all the unmindful things that happen in your life, remember that you and only you will have to one day clear the mess that you yourself allowed – be it nasty food, nasty thoughts, nasty news, nasty gossip, nasty abuse, nasty knowledge, etc. Every moment there is lot of things that is entering you, and if you are not alert, you will be one day boggled when you see how much mess has to be cleared. Not anyone in this world can clean that except and only you. Even if you pass this lifetime, the stock goes with you. Sooner or later you will have to face it again in some other life time and clean it yourself. So what is better? Allowing and stocking things and then sitting clearing the mess? Or keep doing sadhna to clear past mess and at the same time being mindful not to take in any new mess or new conditionings that will tomorrow cause problem to myself only.

Am talking all this from my personal experiences, overwhelming frustrations that i once had, and the pain and sufferings and turmoils i went through in this journey. It was only then that i made such crude but beneficial decisions in life. Have not used TV for a decade now and no newspapers. Junk food eradicated years back and just once in a while if i really feel i can okay it, then it happens. Once in a while doesn’t mean every week or every month, but maybe even once a year. That doesn’t leave you with lame excuses of being and occasional drinker, occasional smoker or occasional junk food eater. Am very, very choosy about the films i watch. Even if i end up in a wrong film with friends, i am very mindful not to be engrossed in it and often even play with my cellphone to avoid it. No “chalta hai” for me. I am sure-shot choosy about music. Very choosy with people i interact with. Absolutely stingy with phone calls. I can’t tell you enough how much all this has helped. Otherwise i wouldn’t be sharing all this, for i genuinely wish to help many who are stuck in such situations that you may not even be aware of or mindful of, until now.
Importantly, all this may not be required once you come to a position where you know nothing will effect you, but until then we must understand how setting your priorities, rules and abide by your “inner work” with all sincerity and dedication is also a major part of sadhna. i still fail in certain areas where i am working on but i keep working on them. We are all seekers on the path, learning and growing everyday. Hence, i share these important aspects with you. Once you realise this, you will know that nothing else matters but your journey, where you are constantly only trying each day to become better and purer.

Remember, even the mighty Yogis who do tapascharya in the wilderness or in secluded spots do it for a reason, they are not necessarily ‘bhagodas’. History itself is a proof that almost all the great Masters, you name it, spent their sadhna and penance in solitude and that was no joke. The rest even if you feel they are not in solitude, have done everything in their previous lifetimes, and now they really don’t need it this lifetime and so they incarnated in a totally different space of awareness and do their work on earth. But, since we live in the world, it may not be really practical or possible for everyone to be that way, but then let that not be a lame excuse. What i mentioned in this post is exactly what can be done while living in this world also while you simultaneously are living a Yogic life while being a part of the worldly life.
i have seen many abusing their bodies and lives, being immersed in wine and women, hog food like a beast, watch all nonsense all day and have all comforts to pacify the tamas, hoarding all possessions in life, doing everything that the world is doing and then justifying it by saying they are living a 100% worldly life. That’s nonsense. Gurudev always reminded “Samyak Life” meaning “Moderate Life” Everything must be in moderation and also while enjoying the “bhoga” worldly pleasures, all attempts must be simultaneously made not to fall a prey to that “bhoga”. Worldly pleasures are only told to be achieved so that you can feel gratified and seek higher and higher pleasures until you reach the higher desire of the highest purpose of human life. It is certainly not to enjoy the worldly pleasures and be soaked and lost in it. So, this post is for those who have been wrongly taught by the manipulation of this teaching. This path is called the “Middle Path” You are neither on this side or that side but in the center, in witness, in mindful awareness of the life. That is what will give you the balance to realize “neti, neti, neti….” (Not this, not this, not this).and keep shedding one by one everything that is untrue and the true barrier to your spiritual journey. Hope this helps.