Be in awe at all time :)

Many times at many places I have encountered this. Whenever I am talking about an experience or an incident that touched or fascinated me or something that happened like a miracle, a natural excitement is always there.
Am then asked, “If you are on a path that constantly gives surprises and you already know that such surprises or miracles.are bound on this path, then why do you get so excited while sharing it?”
Another says, “Oh okay, that’s nice to hear but I am not surprised as on the path all this is bound to happen.”
Yet another, who seems to be still as a stone, says, “hmmm okay, maybe… So what’s the excitement about?”
Then I tell them what I share here.
Why should we take every moment and every happening for granted. When we assume the result of something we are freshly seeing or hearing there is no excitement because we have already assumed we know it.. There cannot be surprises in the known. It is always in the unknown. If we agree that we do not know everything in life including the happening behind even the most regular things of life, then life is always an awe. Most regular things like maybe pouring water into a glass or seeing the sunrise or seeing a bee fly by. If you are in awareness, the awareness is constantly scanning the hologram of every event and giving you a multidimensional insights about the same mundane thing. You miss things then. When I am sharing something my whole being is in awe of that experience with multiple insights into it and this excitement is an expression of that. Being like this can never ever bore you in life. You will relish everything. You will feel grateful for everything because of the way they touch you life. You begin to notice the most unnoticed in the most frivolous thing, and there will be excitement. A certain childlike innocence will automatically become a part of your life.
Look at this child in the photo. The one tossing the grain or the others around might see this act as another regular thing. Can anybody even think that there is something to be awed about rice being thrown up like this. You and me would have never thought so. But this child.saw something magical in it. Because the child is not looking at everything without awareness. The child, you always jo ice, is aware of every single thing it interacts with. It can spend hours with a flower in hand or be fully engrossed in watching a hen peck around or have a mighty awe with the things you felt were the most stupidest thing. That’s where we miss the catch. When we become aware we observe everything around and there are miracles happening all the time, there is always something to be awed about because that is the wonders of life and the creation. You don’t really miss anything.
The photographer of this image has to be a keen observer, for only then he timely spotted the child’s expression of total awe. He has to be aware to become aware of an aware being (child). It didn’t stop there. When the photographer shared this wonder moment, it was captivating to many souls. What touched them actually is their own inner child that is enthusiastic about life but keep missing it. This picture, if it touches you, know that your soul also awes at simple yet deep things of life. The child reminds us how to be aware and enjoy the gifts of that awareness.
Be in awareness. Be in awe.