Want to share something that shook me a bit today. It’s all about the intents and thoughts we have and how we are creating all the time.
Today morning, i was meditating and all of a sudden, a song popped up “Pal pal pal pal” a song from Munna bhai – only thing was that i clearly was hearing my own voice and my ex-spouse singing it. Very quickly my mind brought up the flash memories of us both recording this song in 2007. This is how mind pulls up stuff from the subconscious library. Usually, with thoughts i am observant, but this time i knew it was something popping to be healed. So, from meditation mode i went into the healing mode and allowed myself to go with the thoughts. Whatever surfaces during your contemplative moments are for healing and release. The memory took me straight to that moment when after the song was recorded she said to me, “Dear, i am scared of this song.” I asked why. She said, “You didn’t notice the lyrics? Though it sounds a jolly fun song, it has words of separation.” I laughed and said, “What silly. It’s just a song.” She still remained not very happy and said, “I don’t know, but somehow I am not feeling good.” I was surprised because all this while we both and enjoyed recordings and the errors and retakes it took. So i hushed her but then for a moment i clearly remember feeling a skip of beat myself too. The similar thought dawned over me too but then within few moments we were back to our life. Not to mention, sooner or later, exactly the scenario happened just like the song said. ?
Now, i was learning in my meditation about this incident, which i had not noticed then, but right now, in awareness, it was all so very apt and clear to me. Then, for a moment I wondered where that song was – it has been so many years now – more than a decade. i then got an urge to listen to it, but then i did not want to go that way, for i was to heal it and not dig into the old can of worms. So, i began healing whatever could have been the reason for that popping up. When i was done with, i got up refreshed. i checked if there is any lurking stuff coming to memory and when was sure there is nothing, i went about with my routine work.
Then, today in the evening while i was just sitting, suddenly I remembered some spiritual stuff that i had been postponing to listen to, for long now. So, not to procastinate any further, i put my hand into where i keep the hard disks and an old hard disk came up with a “back up” label. Curious to know which one is this now, i looked into it and in just a few clicks i was in this folder, which had this song PAL PAL PAL PAL!
For a moment i felt a goosebump shiver passing through me. i became aware of how even the current moment, the current thoughts are being manifested, for this was exactly what i had thought about few hours ago during the meditation! And here I was picking up right that particular song itself, which had been left undisturbed for years The law of attraction, just through some other unimaginable vague thought of wanting to hear the spiritual stuff, had prompted me to reach me this hard disk. Was dazzled for a moment of how the dots connect even in the most unexpected way.
This is the reason i share this incident today. Thoughts, intentions and emotions are very powerful and we are all the time creating stuff in the background, even in unawareness. In awareness, it is yet more powerful. Now, this is something that i have always taken for granted but then life teaches you or brings you various opportunities to learn it. So i am learning and sharing with you also, so that it help you too.
So, 3 things in one day i get to learn and share about THE POWER OF YOUR INTENT, THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS.
  1. How during meditative states if you think of something, it has a far stronger chance of manifesting quicker and in the most unexpected ways
  2. How it is important to be aware of what you listen to and what you do emotionally. Me and my spouse were emotionally fully involved in singing a song that within few months created just that.
  3. Trust your intuition. Both of us had felt something not right, that meant life was finding ways to warn us, but since not being aware at that time, it was simply unnoticeable.
Now, if that was destined or created, it doesn’t really matter, what matters is how important it is to remain in awareness so that the clarity is there in all perceptions. So i thought i must share this, along with the song, because this song is the reason for all this content. ?
Dear ones, today morning’s message on this page also was precisely about healing. It’s just in the previous post. Right now is a time when lot of stuff is surfacing for healing in all human lives. Our priorities right now must be to heal and there is nothing more important than this. But for that, be in awareness to help you accelerate the process.