The True Meaning of Oneness


We take everything that others say or do personally when we feel everything that they do or say is all about us. Not really. Their lives are pretty much having lot of areas of lives and they are saying or doing different expressions of the different dimensions in their life and might have nothing absolutely to do with you. If they do or say 10 things, those 10 things may be related to 10 different aspects of their life. Taking everything personally means imagining all the 10 things are all about you only.

Actually, when something like this happens with us and if we have taken things personally, it only means that something said or done has triggered something in us that needs attention. Maybe the ones who say or do things have flaws and they need attention on that aspect in their life too, true, but if that something is triggering you then being mindful about that matters. How many times we catch some flying arrows and get pierced by it ourselves and then our mind burns in a get-even retaliation plan and then we burn our energies in shooting back or creating a ruckus on something that doesn’t even really exist in the first case. Why get offended on each and everything? Somebody says something to someone and i get offended, even if that was not said or done to me, because what was said represented my belief. This is how most of the violence around the globe happens, because we simply take offence, personally.

There are lot of things flying around always. Stray objects in cosmos, stray thoughts in the etheric world, maybe stray bullets in the air, stray germs in atmosphere, all kind of stray stuff on the social media birthed out of someone’s mind. Why should there be a need to catch every stray flying thing and personalise it? We need to know that the whole world and existence is not just only about us. So, instead of making consistent attempts to covert people to think and act like us, a wider and broader approach is to understand that everyone is unique and not everyone fits into my box that I may think is good and perfect for me. It may be really good and the best for me depending on so many factors that are conducive to me, but what do we really know about someone else’s life factors? It is so easy to judge, condemn, put down, make others feel guilty or unwanted just because they don’t agree to everything that we agree to in life. Because they don’t match my views or somewhere deep down their presence or actions pricks my own conscience about something that I do not want to address, doesn’t need me to retaliate or justify anything or order to blame it back on them, for something they did or said that might not even have nothing to do with me, but, out of habit, we catch a flying arrow and own it. We need to ask ourselves why and where is this desperate need to CONTROL others coming from?

Spirituality means rising above all these boundaries and discriminations and learning to see everything beyond our personal tastes and beliefs. That is ONENESS. It is seeing beyond our personal and personality. That’s the quality of compassion that spirituality teaches. If spirituality can’t see this simple thing, we have to re-question if what we do is spirituality or have we adorned the same habits and patterns that the ignorant are following ignorantly into our very schools of spirituality. In the unawakened world, it’s fine and understood when we can say it is done out of ignorance because they do not know yet. What about us who know everything yet do not want to know. This is why there is so much diversity in spirituality too. Here also there are countless discriminations and definitions and beliefs and thus even intolerance between each other.

Spiritual or nonspiritual, we must understand that every soul has some or the other kind of struggle, just like we have too, that we ourselves do not show or like to show because we have presented ourselves to the world in a certain way. We are hiding behind that mask just like everyone else. That is how Understanding comes – when I am able to know others flaws because of my own flaws. Understanding this uniqueness of everyone and respecting that uniqueness and doing if I can do something or if not leaving it alone is ONENESS. ONENESS is not making everyone ONE with my belief.or my systems. Understanding and accepting everyone the way they are is ONENESS. Loving them despite realising that they can be lovely humans even though they may not fit into my box is ONENESS. Loving them without conditions is ONENESS in true spirit. ONENESS happens with uniting all varieties of fruits in one basket without labelling or preconditions. All speak of the basket but it doesn’t really happen because when it comes to uniting all fruits in one basket, they want to label the basket with their seal, tag, brand and authority and expect oranges to become like apples or grapes to become figs. That is why you see all kinds of baskets around but will never see all fruits in one basket. You will see one basket full of apples, one full of oranges. All fruits in each basket become so fanatically used to each other that each basket has created its own world and each basket refuses to tolerate or accept anything other than their flavour. Then all attempts are made in the name of ONENESS to bring all the baskets of apples, baskets of oranges, baskets of grapes together, and they say it won’t work. It’s simply because the moment the different baskets come together they attempt to convert each other and only increase the population of the fruits of their kind.?
ONENESS is to begin with your own basket first, by accepting, respecting, and accomodating all flavours in your own basket. When every basket does that, there is no real need on any large scale to being the baskets together for ONENESS. ONENESS can only happen if it first begins with me and my basket. And for that the decayed fruit called ‘me and mine’ must be thrown out first. Think without trigger and see if this feels right.

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