How others treat you is how they feel about themselves


If you start becoming aware, you will notice that how others treat you says a lot about them than you. You can observe it within yourself too and learn/grow but also observe it in them. Doing so allows you to learn so much about human conditioning and unconscious behaviour that it becomes a good tool for your own life too.
It also helps forgiving easily and letting go and accepting others the way they are.
Observe these silently on why others treat you a certain way…. become aware and notice these patterns. Once you see this, the way you respond can drastically change.

For example…..
When someone treats you angrily, become aware, you will observe that deep down it is their unfulfilled desire that you were unable to fulfil for them that makes them angry. Their anger is because of a failed expectation they had on you and thus it is that disappointment that expresses as anger. Knowing this can make you feel more compassionate towards them than jittery.

When someone talks bad about you behind you but is nice in your presence, observe in awareness and you will notice that there is something in you that threatens their very existence, but they don’t want to directly relate with it and face the fact that they want you down, so subconsciously the attack is not direct but through someone. Thus the habit of backbiting or back-gossipping about you. It you become aware of this pattern, you will observe that it simply indicates the person’s insecurity. Knowing this will stop making you get into any kind of retaliation or brawls and leave them alone.

When someone ignores anything good that you do, or never speaks about it, or simply refuses to even acknowledge it, while you keep longing and hurting yourself for that one word of appreciation, becoming aware may reveal to you that the person is suffering silently in jealousy. That may even be making you feel like a piece of sh*t despite all the good things you do for them. Once this is known, you will stop feeling like a piece of sh*t because it ain’t really about you. Thus you learn to be more compassionate with them for the.trauma they are undergoing.

Such ways, every situation can be observed and a lot learnt about, in others as well as a direct reflection of these traits in yourself too. What we see and interact with the world in non-awareness, is almost always one level, that is the gross level, but through awareness we tend to see the more deep subtler aspects of everything that is happening in the gross. You begin then operating from two levels, simultaneously, gross and subtle, and you will begin seeing the depths of mysteries of the life journey. Keep shifting into awareness.