Allow “Happy Re-birthday” to replace “Happy Birthday”

Expecting a birthday wish from someone who has realised the useless, meaningless, unconscious custom practiced by an unaware, unconscious mind under the influence of a preconditioned habit of the ageless sleeping generations, is like a child expecting a compliment from the parent for feat of jumping from 1 feet height. Even if the parent compliments the child, it is just to keep the child a little amused for that feat means the world to the child. The parent is aware of the unreal glory that the child is expecting for an event of no value. The parent either waits for the child to grow up from the illusion or educates it on the reality. I try to do both ?

We must develop awareness with time or else we are only fooling ourselves playing the same old games even after embracing spirituality. One day we must be able to rejoice our rebirth than our birth. Celebrating on the glory of birth does nothing more than nailing the bonds of Maya and all the attachments that come with it, deep into your psyche, making you forget your true purpose. That’s the play of powerful Maya. Bonds and bondages are good for those in slumber for there is eternity for them to be in sleep, but this is for those who have chosen to awaken out of the dream, here and now, once and for all, without beating around the bushes of spirituality.

Here, i assume embracing spirituality means the soul’s eagerness to awaken and liberate, and if not aware, then the same spirituality can turn up to be another illusion within the illusion. After a certain period of time in the practice of spirituality, one must have been able develop and imbibe higher truths in practicality – through practical spirituality.

If at all one decides to exercise one’s freewill of choice, always choose practical spirituality over illusory spirituality. And that shall never come by mere talks or the storage or display of wisdom, but come only by practising the truths practically at every given opportunity. Happy Re-birthday.