Why Does God Listening to My Prayers?

Am up late today. Saw my inboxes now and replying to one grieving soul, I wished to share a little about it, just to keep ourselves updated about the awareness about life and death.

The reply to the message is below:

Death is inevitable and there are many many reasons of why one gets a boon of life or one leaves on time or one leaves early. In any and every case one has to leave for sure. The prarabdha (alloted karma of this lifetime) of a person decides that. When the prarabdha is exhausted one has to leave, illness or other reason, is only a reason, an excuse to make that happen. We, due to our attachments, don’t come to term with this, and suffering extends to us also. Mostly the suffering is because we still haven’t realized that noone really dies, they just exit their body as their prarabdha karmic quota is over. They only move on. If this is brought into full realization and one lives rooted in the awareness of the temporariness of mortal physical life and the immortality of the soul, it becomes easier to handle the emotions that come with the entry and exit of human life. There is no rejoice of an entry nor there is grief at an exit. Afterall this is precisely what we came to learn before we go too ?

And, it’s not about God listening or not listening. It’s about how authentic that request for extension of life is.. because each and everyone of us is totally bound by karma. So to counter a negative karma of any negative outcome, has to have that level of good karma too, which if there is what you can call as grace. Grace also happens as the outcome of one’s merits itself. Depending on this balance sheet is how we feel God has answered our prayers or not answered. Even if god or any godly person has to work on a miracle in such a case, it still involves working on the balance sheet itself. In rare cases a mystic might e able to alter something but that is again entirely on him, because he would have that capacity to give “credit” from his own balance sheet, which is again a very rare possibility. Even if that is a possibility then it must be understood that bring such an enlightened person into transaction with that individual is a karmic balance sheet between them both, something from the good balance sheet of the person that attracted that grace to him/her. So, it again is all on the balance sheet. God shouldn’t be dragged into the outcomes of our creations. God has nothing really to do in this. We choose, we create, we experience.