Whenever and wherever you get an opportunity to do anything, take that as a blessing to do that as an instrument of that divine force. When this is in awareness, there is a satisfaction of having done the best without any inhibitions about the outcomes of it.

Even while doing the task you don’t get mulled with the pride nor pain or how you are doing it, as it is something smooth happening through you and quite effortlessly it has to happen. Effortless because “you” are not applying effort but are simply going with the flow. What and how that divine will and force has to do will be done through you.

What has to happen through you will happen and what has to not happen through you will never happen. So there is no bother either what you should be doing or what you should not be doing.

In the past you were not initiator of that task and nor in the future you are going to be the completor of that task. If these two aspects are in firm awareness, then observing that you are not the doer is easy, and you simply remain in the present. That is when going with the flow becomes natural.

You will begin realising that wherever you are and whatever is happening (to you and through you) is all in perfect divine will and order. That is one of the best ways to keep living in the moment.

It is only when you try to control your future that you become the “doer” in the present. Similarly, trying to hold on to a passing moment is the impossible effort to control the past. That’s why I share that “ONCE YOU HAVE DONE YOUR PART, LET GO” With this, every task happens through you, completes and hooks off you the moment you are done with it. What arrives next becomes your present, and it goes on, and thus you stay in the present. Also, this is the best way to surrender the fruits of one’s action without any expectations. You give your best in whatever you do and move on.

This is one of my most important learning of 2020 that I have learnt to a great extent and am striving to master. Sharing with you, if it may be of help.