Let just your being in this world make it special

Life can be made beautiful in many ways. One of the best way is to touch lives in whichever way you can. There is nothing to think or plan on doing something great, but even small gestures of life can bring great beautiful moments not just to others but to yourself too. Be it a simple smile to someone who might be needing it the most. Be it a gesture of appreciation. Be it a hug of love. Be it a tear of compassion. Be it a funny face to lift a sad face. Be it giving a present to an unknown person. Be it touching a plant or a flower with admiration. Be it giggling along with a kid. Be it sending a flying kiss to your granny. Be it giving a surprise. Be it offering someone your seat. Be it saying a simple heartfelt thank you. Be it patting an animal that needs it. Be it helping an ant cross over. Be it kicking aside a sharp stone on the road. Be it looking at the sun and being overwhelmed. Be it thinking of your Guru and smiling. I could write all night ?

All these acts do not need extra effort, money, time, schedules, planning, or needing a talent or ability, except the ability of the willingness to want to do it. It will effortlessly bring in peace and joy to both – you and the life you touch with the simple gestures. Let your simply being around make the world special.