I am the creator of MY world and not THE world

What actually is manipulation?
The attempts made to obstruct anything that is naturally happening or flowing because we want everything around according to our will and our deep desires.

The whole unrest in the world is due to this one desire. The desire to control everything. Manipulation comes from the desire to control. It is all very subtle and so subtle that we justify it by stating everyone out there is manipulating and failing to see that my own desire to change that so-called manipulative is nothing but manipulation itself.

Ego sees ego.
Judgement makes judgement.
Manipulation manipulates manipulation
Everything is a straight reflection.
Gurudev’s prime teaching is “Accept everyone the way they are.”

When we cannot accept others the way they are, we desire to change others, convert others and make them like us because of our false belief that only we are right and the rest are all into foul play.
If we cannot accept everyone the way they are, judgement arises. If the judgement is justified by the ego, then the desire to manipulate arises followed by justification for that act. If I am a worldly person my justification for that act will be worldly and if I am a spiritual person my justification will be spiritual. Its all the same manipulative behaviour itself. It all keeps blending with our own fancies and desires of how we look into this world and project.

All the conflicts in existence are because of this justification. Everything seems to be moving not in harmony but against each other as there is a constant desire all the time to keep changing everything around us. Why? Just because of the feeling that only what I do is right, what I feel, what I know is right, what I believe is right. The “me and mine”. When the “me and mine” is there, there is no other. How can the “me and mine” ever tolerate anything other than “me and mine”? All intolerances birth from this. It even includes the “me and mine” philosophies and thus we royally trample the great teaching “accept everyone the way they are”.

How can one accept everyone? Only by understanding this deep subtle play of the subtle ego. Only by knowing that you are the creator – not of the world, but your own life only. Creator of your world and not of the world. Big difference. When we feel we are creator of the world, we play god. We want to save the world only when we feel we are god. And in the attempts to save the world, we justify all our acts as a divine act since we feel it’s godly to save the world.

Even the greatest of Avatars came as a witness and did their roles as a witness and went as witness. None of them had any agenda nor any proclamations. If there would have been an agenda then world should have been a paradise by now, right? But it’s not. Why? Because it will never happen here, because this is a playground of a grand play in action that has all kind of things happening for the ones fallen into the karmic play. Avatars came to only make an impact upon the students in this vast school and not to change the school! That’s what made them mere witness, teaching students only how to graduate out of school, and teaching how? By their own living and examples. And we humans are all up to change the school iself!
You don’t like the school, you got to graduate out of if, liberate yourself from the karmic play, that is binding you into this place, bringing you back to school to learn the lessons and transcend. Simple. You don’t come to school and change the school according to your preferences, just because you don’t like the syllabus.

So what is the way out? Your only way out is to become awake of this and realize who you really are and why you got stuck here and so work on your own liberation. If you don’t like the play you have to work on uprooting all those tendencies that bring you into the play, again and again. It’s foolish to think that with ‘me and mine’ I am going to end this play and liberate all. It will never happen. For this play will be always there, for the souls who wish, by freewill, to experience what life is.

When you understand this, the urge to change others (read manipulate others) will drop. You will begin accepting all religions, traditions, cultures, faiths, beliefs, paths, people, etc. Moreover you will begin accepting each and every individual also the way he or she is, becaue you will then know that every person is unique and cannot fit into your brackets. Then you know that what you thought as “My way is the best and only way” is what precisely everyone is thinking too. And like your experience, their experience also is true! ….. according to their lessons and life experiences, that they came to learn and transcend… Who am i to judge anyone or try to manipulate them to what i feel is right? Once this is gotten right, then the focus will only turn towards self work,doing what’s best for oneself and if others like and find what you do as worthwhile and helpful, they choose on their own to use that for their life. That is not manipulation, for there will be no urge to force upon others or convince others on what one believes or does.

Deciding what is good for others is manipulation. The urge to show off and constantly keep proving that what I do is for other’s good or the welfare of others, will also drop. Allowing others to choose what they like is respecting freewill which even god respects. The supreme force called god is also only a witness to all that is happening which only means that he in or she is at very much peace with what’s going on. If we don’t agree to this then aren’t we feeling more smarter than god?

All the great Masters also teach doing your best for your own development and not desiring it’s fruits, meaning surrendering the outcomes of the work, to the divine will. That is the foundation from where they teach oneness, accepting all, working selflessly in the world, and loving unconditionally.

Read this all again without being triggered and a certain awareness will sink you into peace. Peace with yourself and with others. Divine love and light ?✨