Blessed are those in Stillness

Once, as i was walking down a street in New Delhi, I passed by two little ones. When i looked at them, it was as though life reminded me something precious through them. They were sitting there, but there was peace on their little bright faces. They were not thinking anything surely but were alive in their surrounding. There was also a pup next to her and they both were not interacting with each other but were fully aware of each other. i realized they were in stillness. That stillness reflected immediately, it made me pause and experience that stillness, which i attempted to write a few words on………..

Amidst the world of unrest,
And chaos and clutter,
Where all strive to fix their nest
And their bread and butter.

Here were two little souls
Bathing in the morning light
As though it were their goals
To reveal a sacred insight

Untouched by any strife
Unscathed by the cold weather
They seemed content with life,
and visibly with each other

From this sight I recall
The smile my heart had sprung
A smile that withheld it all
Like a beautiful song unsung

For these little souls of light
Worries and uncertainties are none
Blessed are the ones that unite
In the stillness of That One….