Bless 2021 but don’t curse 2020 :)

Greetings dear one✨

Last day of the year. As usual , another year ending. As usual, we look forward to a year better than the current. More so because the current year was such a challenging one. The whole world is kicking off 2020 with a damn and pleading or praying or wishing each other for 2021 to be good. I remember this is exactly how the world started 2020 also, if you look at all the posts and enthusiasm, it was just the same as we feel today. Then what happened. A few challenges of 2020 put off our moods and we settled down waiting for the year to pass condemning that this year was no good.

But seekers found this year to be a transformative one, challenging but very insightful and meaningful. It changed our whole way of thinking, perception and living in an unimaginable drastic way. On the higher end, this year was the year of Ascension of human consciousness and evolution. The question is why then did we or do we look upon this year as bad and hope for a good year of comfort?

I would rather say that if this perception continues then it won’t take a little bit of change or things not going our way to declare next year (or any year for that matter) to be bad and then in an unconscious pattern again wait for another hopeful good year. It.has rather unfortunately become a deep conditioning to keep looping this habit. Pause and check, have we not done this every year and still been hopeful all our life for something better to happen? When is that really happy new year going to come that will remain happy ever after. You and me know that this will never happen..simply because happily ever after is singular and not dualistic. On this planet everything is compulsorily dualistic and they go hand in hand. Happiness-sorrow. Pleasantness-unpleasantness. Laughter-cry. When we try to only catch one aspect of it, we automatically become hopeful because somewhere deep down we know it’s not practical to hold that one aspect as permanent, but yet we have lived always just hoping and we unconsciously continue to, in hope.

What’s more practical and real is to stay in between or keep aligning to the center or what we call neutral. The mystics have called it the middle path…. of neither this not that. When you begin moving in the middle there is no affinity to either aspects of duality, for the secret is, that if you catch one the other will come with you for it is how the dual nature is bound. Thats why the mystics remain indifferent to both. Because they are in the observing mode, which is the neutral. Everything is fine. Everything is welcome. Everything is accepted the way it is. Everything is divine will. That is how they remain blissful, because nothing affects them in the neutral. That is the point fromm where they are “har haal mein khush”. See, “har haal” itself means welcoming “any situation”. There is no hope but an open welcome, an embrace to whatever is coming. With wishes, we hope for happiness (Anand) whereas they without any hopes or exxpectiations live in sat-chit-anand, which is the real source of permanent happiness.

That doesn’t mean you don’t strive to create good things for yourself. You will, but the perception will change. You will continue creating but remain not desperate with the outcomes. When this is the approach then one will not keep disappointed with the day, month or year. Not will the calendar count. Calender is just a social ritual that is just another opportunity to celebrate or keep hoping. So, first day of the year or first month of the year is not what really matters but what really matters is that we have the same welcome to every month of the year, with a very optimistic yet neutral approach of taking everything as evolution, a part of the larger plan, a process of self-learning, self-introspection and finding the higher lessons and growth through every event that occurs in our personal, social, professional and spiritual life, this year or any year. Otherwise at the end of this lifetime, we, as per our deep subconscious conditioning and habit, will only say like what we say at th end of every year, “This lifetime was bad and challenging, hope next life is better.” And this is the same loop of hope and regret, lifetime after lifetime, just like the unconscious game of the happy new year.

The resolution thus can be to be Shifting into awareness at all possible times and being fully aware of what why we do what we do. This will help stay more in the neutral, which is witness more. It is only in this mode we truly grasp, learn, understand, and evolve to our true higher purpose of taking a human incarnation. Curse not the current year of transformation. Bless 2020. Bless 2021.

So in that perspective wishing you a very happy new year and a very happy new life, of awareness.