What’s mysterious in your new paranormal experience?

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This is something i wanted to share about since long and today the arrival of this question from a seeker gives me the opportunity to share my views on this subject. Of seeing mystical things in meditation, dream or otherwise in regular life of a seeker who has been working on himself/herself on the spiritual path. There are many seekers who see a lot of things, experience a lot of things in their meditation or just with their open eyes.

A seeker just asked this question of someone seeing a “sign” in this photograph. Can you trace what the sign is. There are many things in the picture that your mind can dig and find or probe and create something. This is the catch of these so-called phenomenons.

There are many, many out there caught up in this web of illusory stuff. You could say this is how all the superstitions in the world birthed. Out of someone’s mind. Remember, your mind is a very, very, very powerful machine. It has the power to create things for you and it does constantly create a lot of things day in and day out. To the extent that even if nothing is there and you believe it is there, it shall create itself over a period of time if you can hold on to that. That is precisely how beliefs work and how even superstition works.

The other day i was walking from a shop to my home and next to be was a lady walking side by side almost with me at the same pace. Suddenly, about 10 meters ahead, a cat crossed our path. i knew what was coming next. The lady’s walking speed paced down. It was clear that she dreaded the worst because a cat had crossed her path. i not only felt amused but also felt pity on the poor lady. i kept walking at the same pace. She acted as though she was looking into something into her bag, probably not wanting the world around her to know that she was scared of something but at the same time wanted to act bold on life. While i crossed the spot where the poor cat had walked itself towards it’s probable search for something to eat, i turned and looked around at her and smiled and walked off. She got the message. Now, please know that, this is not her belief but her parents’s or perhaps her grandfather’s.  Because she believed what her parents told or did in her ancestry, she had created a strong Their belief was working through her. See how strongly!

So, you see? You have nothing really to do, but just strongly believe. Why do we believe in something? When we have faith in them. As a child, we have full faith in what our grandparents say, our parents say, our teachers say, our society say, and so on. If you observe yourself in total awareness, you will be surprised to note that you are not the real you, but just a bundle of beliefs of someone else. You are just helplessly buried under other’s beliefs. That you how your life is conditioned. It is a big, big web in which you continue living unconsciously, that keeps affecting your life in ways you can’t even imagine!

Similarly, a seeker also learns like a child learns from the world – about mystical experiences, about my mysterious things happening to those who have embraced the path – of light or of dark.  i share this very openly with you so that you don’t simply get into the glitters of these lucrative things showing up on the path.  If you very carefully observe, your spiritual life also is a bundle of someone else’s opinions, beliefs, and experiences. That is why a seeker often feels discouraged or frustrated after a certain point of time even in spirituality with a common complaint – “nothing is happening!”  There is actually a lot happening that you cannot see because the path is of the subtle and not gross. Subtle means something that you cannot see or perceive through your five senses. So, you depend on those who are able (probably) to. This is how you begin gathering “information” from other’s experiences.

And then there are crooks too on the path. Many love hallucinating and living in their strong cocoons of those vivid imaginations which they want to believe it as very real. Because their true self denies this, their ego self will challenge their own true selves by wanting to establish this feeling, because that is all that they have to keep them comfortable and boosted, probably to keep them going, or probably for some other vested interests. To prove it to themselves that these are real, they will endorse it to others on the path, and those who are yet not capable to decipher what the hell is going, choose to be mesmerized with their experience. And the blind leads the blind. It is very, very comforting – both for the one who shares and the one who acknowledges. This gives a hope to the ones who are curious and maybe even desperate to “see” something or “know” something. This is when the hunter has his catch too. Yes, many stories that you hear of seekers getting ‘caught’ up in wrong experiences or wrong people or wrong Gurus have all their basics down here in this topic itself. One gets ‘caught’ only when one falls for all such things.

A true Guru will never encourage such glitters. All these things are part and parcel of a seeker’s life, but what is important is not to get carried away. This is one reason my Master never encouraged sharing experiences nor even getting carried away by what you see or feel or experience. People often talked to him about their experiences in meditation, their visions, their dreams. The master called it crap. He compared it all to trash because actually the mind is trying to trash it by bringing it to the surface, but unfortunately we catch hold of the trash. Most of it is the subconscious dumping of trash, happening very unconsciously and so to catch it timely through your awareness is important so as to not be perturbed or carried away by it

Now, does that mean all these experiences are false. No! They are true but ONLY and ONLY to the one who is seeing or experiencing them. There are various samskaras or latent tendencies buried in a seeker and many of his or her experiences are expressions of these vrittis (fluctuations of the mind). Everyone’s samskaras and tendencies are different and each one will experience according to their patterns and psychic impressions. It is totally impractical that what other’s see, feel or experience will be experienced by another. That is why Pantanjali Yoga Sutras speak about “Chitta vritta nirodah” meaning “Yoga is stilling the fluctuations (vrittis) of the mind” The whole idea about one entering spirituality or choosing a path or a Master is to get help on dissolving these fluctuations by not giving fuel to it and not by exciting it further. Exciting it only stimulates that mind, that loves producing various facets of these vrittis. One vritti can present itself in various fantasies. So, the one who is curious or interested in these visions will actually be mesmerised with these fantasies. If your mind loves the experience, naturally your being will begin experiencing it through your physical body. That gives the seeker even more validation of the experiences and begins drowning more and more into it. You will love to laugh, cry, feel ecstatic, sad, angered, etc depending on what your vasanas are and what you latent tendencies are trying to express itself. They are all simply manifestations of your own tendencies.

Now, just imagine how every single persons  tendencies keep unwinding within themselves. It is okay to feel them or experience them but what is not really worthwhile is hankering on to it. Speaking about it or boasting about your inner experiences only is the work of the ego mind that is trying to feel superior of it’s (fake) achievements. If you carefully observe and see, those who have these tendencies of having such profound experiences, will somehow start telling these to others. The moment others acknowledge it or give their experiences more attention and awe, the teller will automatically start feeling a boost towards these experiences. They will begin feeling superior because somewhere in the transaction between the two (teller and the listener), the one who listens becomes automatically inferior because he/she looks up at someone else’s experience because they themselves have not experienced something like that. Though, it might be true to the one who is experiencing it, the listener and believer is the real loser here. Because he/she foolishly either begins looking up at someone (and indirectly or subconsciously looking down on himself/herself) OR begins expecting similar things in his/her life too! When that doesn’t happen (it will never happen) then they begin getting discouraged, unmotivated, disappointed, unworthy, jealous, etc. The teller will also continue feeling egoistic, superior and long for more and more such experiences that will be now needed to validate the their ego or comfort. They will begin getting offended by anyone who doesn’t buy into their stuff or even begin getting desperate when they  fail to have any experiences, for whatever reason. It’s a whole complicated stuff for both of them. It’s a big catch.

Same is with seeing extraordinary things in the ordinary. When we have mindsets like those explained above, then it is very natural to keep searching a mystery or mysticism in everything that you come across while on the path. Like trying to read something very mysterious in a lamp photo or a form showing up in a fire or a form showing up in the clouds or a stone or a tree that resembles a god or deity. You become a fanatic then. i have seen many who are mesmerised in globules, lights, streaks of light, shadows, or many other paranormal stuff. Now, i don’t say they don’t happen. i have often shared such paranormal things in my LIVE videos. Yes, they can happen, but what is important is to feel, experience and move on! They are much more things that happen in the subtle world, but best is to keep going without giving it too much of attention. These are all distractions to the seekers! When someone shares something about their supernatural experience, it is okay to listen to it and have an understanding of the wonderful possibilities of life, but that’s it! Nothing more, nothing less! Neither encourage the teller nor be encouraged yourself. These are not the real milestones on the path to be motivated by. You cat or dog sees more mystical things than you, but they don’t hanker on it, get the point? They just live normally because in their world, it is absolutely “normal” for them to experience things that way. Remember, paranormal is only when you don’t expect it to be normal. The more you don’t accept it normally, the more mysterious it will become for you, and the more interesting and distracting it will be to your mind and life. That is why it is said that you get what you intentions are. If your intentions are not to liberate yourself from all these catches of life, you will naturally be enjoying it all. That will keep you looped too!

Then there are various signs and symbols that life keeps showing you for you are a part of the cosmos and everything that is happening in the cosmos will affect you, that is, if you are aware and conscious. There are lot of things in nature that communicate with you, if you are willing to observe. You can get various hints and understanding and wisdom and even answers to your quests if you allow yourself to be open and receptive to the cosmos. Like a bee, bird, insect appearing out of nowhere when you are in a certain state of connectedness or opposite – when lost. Many times, they help you navigate out of a certain stuck situation in life or guide further but know this very clear. There are prophetic dreams, visions and other experiences that are more enlightening, but again it is very limited and is presented exclusively for the seeker, not really to be awed by it, but to make use of it consciousness and grow or evolve without getting nudged by it more than what it was there to present you with. What is your life lesson and learning cannot be someone else’s.

What i am trying to convey here is that everyone has to decode or understand things for themselves by becoming more aware and learning to become aware and conscious of their surroundings. It is perfectly fine to relate with them, but what is not perfectly fine is to expect others also to experience the same. What is not fine for others is to expect the same to happen in their lives too.

i have done this kind of stuff with my students in the previous years. Now, look at this image. Let us say, i clicked this photo and this came up and i share it with you telling of this paranormal experience. When you look at it there will be some judgement or conclusions that you will make about the image, depending on what your vrittis are. If i show this to 10 people in a room and ask to interpret it, they will all interpret it, but not two experiences will be the same. If i add masala to it and say this image has something very special meaning for the world, then all will add their own masalas from their own tendencies and vasanas and boost their experiences. If i add further spice to it saying, “Let’s see who gets it right” then the competitive masala in them will all add various flavours to it and try interpreting it in their own  “best” possible way. Now, while each begin narrating their experiences, the superior ones in the room will feel either their own experience is not enough or that their experience is more superior and thus valid. The inferior ones would be those who could not understand anything and tried their best and gave up either feeling inferior, unworthy or discouraged, or perhaps even awed by other’s ability to “know” the mystery or feel jealous about their own inability. So, can you see the whole hotch-potch in that room? Now, after everyone sharing their experience, if i just say, “Sorry guys, i just photoshoped this image today morning” what would happen? Everything that escalated to such high fantasies would just drop “pop” to the ground and all the fantasies in each mind would also crash to the floor and disappear. But what how would the individuals take it? Amusement? Anger? or learning?

i have experienced this many times in life where those who are excited about their internal experiences often feel embarrassed when some reality or practicality is revealed. Once,  a seeker shared this with me. She said she was meditating in her room and was deeply involved in her “mansic havan” (like the mansic pooja) and after sometime she began experiencing subtle miracles. Her mental yagna was so powerful that after sometime, her heightened sense of smell began giving her the real smell of the havan that she was doing in her mind. Tears flowed down her cheeks in the ecstasy and she thanked deeply for this vivid experience that she was given. When she finished, she was found that the experience was so strong that the sense lingered for a while. Feeling happy and blissful of her experience and eager to share it with others, she opened her windows to catch some fresh air and call her friend. Just then she noticed that outside someone had burnt trash and smoke was filled up in the colony from the burning trash! She was laughing while sharing this with me in embarrassment, but her hearty laugh over this matter and her ability to share it in humour had revealed that she had also learnt something precious.  So this is how we carry things from our lives to others, often even refusing to see through all the muck of spirituality. The other day a friend sent me an image which looked like Jesus in the clouds and the caption was that seeing such an image would bring something auspicious in your life. She otherwise never sends any message but this time she thought i would be super-impressed with this image, more because i have a body that was born in a Christian family. i just replied, “super fake” and she was offended. Oh come on! i should have been the one offended for sending nonsense like that. But it was a nonsense created in her mind by those who successfully made her feel it was true. So she tried to pass her borrowed belief to me after she herself took a bite of that belief and digested it. Forget digest, forget even eating, i refused to even smell it and that offended her. But am happy, next time even she will think twice when she gets something like that. Before she eat something like that, my words will echo first “super fake!” and then let her use her discernment to her best advantage, whether to eat it and digest it or whether to pass the cup to another waiting victim or just ignore the whole thing through her awareness and move on!

Now, you can see what special meaning is there in that image that a seeker shared today asking me to shed some light on that image. So here is a complete article for you 🙂

This is why my Master never advised reading any books because every book is the expression of the consciousness of the author. If you read it, you must have the clear awareness that what you read it “also” a possibility but not the “only” possibility. In fact, what you read will never happen in your life. Can you tell me how many books you have read? So many autobiographies, so many mystical books of other aspirants or Yogis or Masters. Can you tell me one experience that exactly happened like what happened to others? It will never happen. But the expectation of the mind is so strong that they will try to recreate that experience by trying to do what the author has done. Try it. It will never happen! Going to the Himalayas with total surrender and readiness to explore your own experiences is one thing and going to the Himalayas expecting a similar experience you read in someone’s book is totally another thing, and an impractical thing. Reading is stimulation. The mind needs excitement. Just like a bored man will on the TV or watch a movie to stimulate his senses, the unconscious seeker is no different. A curious or bored seeker will try to stimulate through books or anything spiritual. The mind wants stimulation and activity. It is all coming from the vrittis, the impressions that are either unfulfilled or ignored. Who knows this? A person who is aware. Awareness catches all of these things.

Make the practice of awareness such that anything and everything that your mind comes across has to be screened through your awareness. Let your awareness catch it and silently discard anything that is not of real value to your higher journey. Your awareness will make things easier for you. It will only unburden all that has been unnecessarily loaded into your subtle bodies. Know that this is more important. To shed all these unwanted vrittis that cause unnecessary fluctuations in your life regularly. Sadhna helps destroy vrittis or becoming aware dissolves it gradually. Anything that is not fuelled or given importance to dissolve. Not given importance does not mean to ignore. What is ignored only grows. Acknowledging it is important. Awareness acknowledges only but has not judgement on it. Judgement means encouragement. Observing or witnessing it means discouragement. By discouraging you weaken that vritti. Let me remind you that we are here to dissolve the crap in us and not to exaggerate and multiply it. Hope this helps.

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