Divine Intents for the Collective | Powerful Practices for Self & All

This is the Call of the Hour ~ What is most needed right now is the collective forces of divinity and positive energies of divine love and light. No doubt there has been a large rise in the population of light workers but still most of them project the light more for themselves in order to heal, nourish and keep themselves uplifted. But what is important to know is that if the “collective” is ignored in the prioritisation on oneself only and one’s loved ones only, the chances of darkness prevailing and rising in the collective becomes more, which automatically means that the challenges show up for us and our loved ones also, because we are part of the collective!

Here are few daily simple yet powerful practices, that if followed regularly, will help in developing the following:

  1. Unconditional Love
  2. Acceptance
  3. Forgiveness
  4. Witness
  5. Oneness

The states of US – Louisiana and Texas have another threat of a major Hurricane heading towards them. Amidst all the challenges of Corona, wildfires, riots, political unrest, Hollywood exposures, these are challenges mounting up. Nature is doing it’s work but humans also need to do their work. All lightworkers across the globe and seekers of all paths and religions of divinity must get together at such time to extend prayers more selflessly out for the world at large. We always pray for ourselves and our loved ones, but we must get this clear that WE means collective – Vasudaiva Kutumbakam. Pain and suffering is same to all living beings whether they are Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Parsi, Jain, Jew or any race, or even if they humans or animals – everyone feels happiness or pain the same way. It is time to think beyond ourselves, our families, our paths, our religion, our boundaries and extend the love unconditional to the whole.

In every practice, sadhna, prayer, chant, or any other divine task, we can make it a habit to also extend our love, prayers and healing wishes to the collective consciousness, that is right now undergoing a massive transformation. The people of light can recognize this transformation however the souls that are asleep are completely shaken up and distressed. It is for them that we share our divine love and light. Noone is bad, but they may be asleep, their consciousness in slumber, which when risen, they can see through it all. Haven’t we also all been once upon a time asleep? Don’t we see how much we have changed? What we were then and what we are now? How ignorance once upon a time brought more suffering and how now most of it is being averted just by awareness and conscious wakefulness? This is exactly what other humans also are going through.

All the calamities are happening as a reset by Nature that’s very nature is to eternally balance everything. It is natural for it to balance itself and nothing to blame on nature. We forget that first it was imbalanced and humans collectively brought that imbalance. Somewhere, once, we were also part of the cause for it in a major way, but maybe not today. We were ignorant once, so there are many ignorant today who will wake up tomorrow, the Cosmos is surely in that process.

It is important to remember that now is the time to shift our awareness from “I” to “We” for we can never say now it is “I” and “Ours” (loved ones only) that matters because it is crystal clear that it cannot be that others suffer the consequences only, we all suffer the consequences because it is all about the collective. It is impossible that only “I” and “Ours” will always remain safe and well because anything that happens in the collective is going to some or the other way affect us all. Just like, even if i ignore an ignorant person in the family, somewhere or the other what happens to them will affect is in someway because they are family. This is what happens on the larger collective scale also. That is what exactly is Vasudaiva Kutumbakam. We can see this clearly in all the recent challenges and struggles that the whole collective has been going through, aren’t we all affected? So, nothing can be ignored by thinking, “Oh it is happening to someone else. Thank God, I am fine.” It is a very narrowed way of feeling. Just imagine if we are in challenging situations and the whole world would think, “Thank God we are safe and fine.” How would that feel? If your heart is fine but brain is not, does the soul feel, “Oh let the brain handle, atleast the other parts are okay.” No. It will directly or indirectly in some or the other way affect the whole system. The whole Cosmos is trying to make this itself known through all happenings that all are One. 

It is the heavy shedding of the ego consciousness happening right now. Everyone is losing the individuality. The “I” ness. Even collective groups are losing their “our” ness. There is no “I” and “them”. There is no “ours” and “theirs”. This is the basic foundation of all spiritual practices and religions, which cannot be ignored. If ignored, it will be constantly reminded by Nature, by the Cosmos.

Many are right now feeling what is the use of prayers or healing or spiritual or religious practices. Nothing is helping. Where are the Gods? Where are the Masters? Where are the guides? Where are the angels? This is not really an absent of these beings. This is actually an awakening to the false ideas that we carried about them all. It is a divine intent that such questions arise so that humans begin re-questioning their blind beliefs, their wrong definitions, their misunderstandings, their drifting away from truth. The whole change in situations in 2020 are actually ‘resetting” everyone and everything from the drifting away. The whole false notion of “this is how life works” that went on for generations have been shaken up finally and now we say, “Oh, this is NOT how life works!” Nature shows that we cannot get away with ignorance and unnatural ways of living. There is no punishment. If we displace something in Nature, the Nature is simply spotting something displaced or misplaced and putting it back into place. We who were comfortable with the misplacement and finding ourselves uprooted and put back into where we are supposed to be! Its that simple for nature and as complicated for humans to see this process.

When the seekers have a larger and clearer understanding of this, they like to cooperate with the process and not challenge the process, question the process or fight the process. There is no question of winning against nature, against what is not right. Cooperation and assistance is the need of the hour. Through our prayers, wishes, intents, healing, sharing, caring, helping. Whichever part of the world you are in. Let our prayers, wishes and intents be towards “whatever is best for the highest good of ourselves and for all”. Let it be prayers, healing, intents, wishes for the ignorant, for the rising of consciousness in the asleep, for the light to shine in the areas of darkness of the world. When collectively this is done it does have a powerful effect. It is never that nothing is helping or that no prayers are working or no healing is helping… They are certainly never going a waste for we must understand the intensity and the volume of darkness is so huge that all good intents and divinity and positivity may look ineffective but it is certainly helping the intensity to first be neutralized. If it was not for the healing, prayers, wishes, intent and divine support from the whole team of Rishis, Divine Astral Beings, Gurumandala, Gurus, disciples and the light workers the whole world would have toppled decades ago. Even what the planet is pulling through is because of the power of the divine and positive ones, so never underestimate your power of intent even if it likely doesn’t look like. It is just like the firefighters battling the huge wildfires and forestfires that looks impossible to be controlled by human effort, but does that mean they give up and move back. If they did, we cannot imagine the kind of devastation that would have happened. Every bit helps in the balancing act.

This is actually the time every positive and divine activities need to be multiplied. All our spiritual and divine practices must be multiplied and most importantly done for the larger benefit of all, not just “me” and “us”. This is the call of the hour that we extend our goodwill and divine intents for the larger collective. Never forget to prayer for the collective non-judgementally and unconditionally. It will bring great help to the whole. The results of the divine and positive impact on the whole will only benefit us to because we are part of the whole.

If you can do anything physically, nothing like it, but more often we may not be able to. However there are wonderful things that don’t need your physical involvement. Here are few powerful internal things that you can do for yourself and for all. You must remember that the subtle is more powerful than the grosser. Little things that seem little but has powerful impacts:

  • Whenever you hear of a calamity or upset in any part of the world, close your eyes just for a minute or so and whole-heartedly pray or make a powerful intent. Send powerful light to that area with prayers to the Supreme to help, heal and assist. When done, take off your mind from it all, and continue with your life.
  • Whenever you find anyone depressed or sad or feeling hopeless, send divine love and light to them with prayers to the Supreme to help, heal, and assist. When done, take off your mind from it all, and continue with your life.
  • Whenever you see or hear of any wrong-doings or exposes or filth spewing out in the society, close your eyes just for a minute or so and make powerful intent and prayers that the situation resolve, heal and see the light. When done, take off your mind from it all, and continue with your life.
  • Refrain completely from any judgement or conclusions to anything that you see around coming up as injustice, wrong, bad, evil, etc. If you do, you are only adding fuel to the situation because what you think is all energy that you are knowingly or unknowingly sending to that situation. You simply enter into a negative karmic transaction  by doing so, however justified you may feel with what you are doing. Become aware of this temptation. When done, take off your mind from it all, and continue with your life.
  • Whenever you see or hear any discord in families, take no sides, simply go neutral. Close your eyes just for a minute or so and send strong divine love and light to that situation in “whole” without taking any side and make the divine intent that they be helped in the best way and may everything happen in the highest good of all. When done, take off your mind from it all, and continue with your life.
  • Whenever you see anything negative on the social media or television or newspaper, close your eyes for a minute or so and make a strong intent to see a beneficial positive outcome in that negative. Send divine love and light and see that negative turn positive. When done, take off your mind from it all, and continue with your life.
  • Taking off your mind off it and continuing with your life, means detachment from the expectations of that prayer or positive intent. You just do it, and do it right, and let go of expectations and continue. This also teaches you detachment and helps develop witness attitude to all that happens. It curbs the feeling of “doership” and increases the emotion of “surrender” to the highest divine will.
  • All these just takes minutes of work, but everytime you do it, you will notice a strange peace and goodness building up in your inner life too. The more you do this, the more you will see that you are developing unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness.
  • These take only few minutes everytime you become aware of something challenging happening in and around you globally. But even more powerful and rewarding if you can, after every spiritual or religious practice, dedicate few moments of your time for the highest good of all in the world. 
  • This is how we collectively evolve and this is how we fulfil responsibility as workers of light and divinity. What we ask for others
  • This is nothing less than powerful divine practices that you are doing for your own upliftment and clearing of your own negative karma. Spiritual evolution happens.
  • Begin today and see the difference over a period of time. Do not hesitate to share it then, back here and let the world know how powerful you as a single human being can be, even without having budged an inch physically anywhere, with this powerful internal practice being done from wherever you are.

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  1. Thank you ?? sooooo much bhaiya for sharing this mai bahut sari baate, ab samajhne lagi hu mera concept clear ho raha hai . Main aage badh rahi hu .I bought book shivyogini Lalleswari by Dr. Yogeswari bhat I’m reading this from the core of my heart i bless u …..????????

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