The Ascension Symptoms of the Earth’s Ascension | The 2020 Shift

Disclaimer: This is not a medical advice for replacement for any of your medical treatment.

Well, we are all aware of the transition that Mother Earth is undergoing. As always, there is no choice for all it’s inhabitants but to be transitioned along with it. But when that is happening, not everyone in it are attuned or aligned perfectly with it because the frequencies or vibrations of the ascending of energies are increasing without any wait for anyone to catch up with.  It certainly does impact every human, and the most sensitive organ of a human which resonates with these frequencies is the brain. To understand how if impacts your brain and thus your life, you may read my previous post – Understanding brain waves and states of mind

The Dark Night of the Soul
When the consciousness of the planet rises, it invariably affects the consciousness of everything in the planet. When higher and purer energies fill into the beings in the planet, naturally purging has to take place. The old has to go in order to accommodate the new. The impurities have to leave in order to fill in the divine. The lower qualities will be transcended by the higher qualities. It is this phase that we call as 
transition and these phases are usually very challenging for humans; basically, because humans usually do not like parting with these lower qualities because they have fallen into these “comfort zones” which has come over repeated hammering in of uncountable root patterns, conditioning, beliefs, and compulsions, most of which are subconscious and not done in awareness. The tug-of-war between the higher energies trying to seep in and the lower energies not willing to let go is what is called as the “dark night of the soul” which keeps coming to the individual in multiple phases. During these phases, one undergoes many changes on the physical, mental and emotional level, which shows up as Ascension Symptoms. So, this post would essentially talk about the list of updated Ascension Symptoms that multitudes are facing. This article has been written for you to let you know what, if any of these are happening to you, you are not alone!

So, what are the upheavals going on in human life during this major transition period?

Enhanced Knowing
There is a certain kind of “knowing” in you that “knows” there is something happening to your body and mind. There is this unusual feeling that cannot be explained but can be sensed in some or the other way. This may give the feeling of confusion and the feeling of one losing their mind or going kind of crazy with these feelings that are difficult to explain but something is going on. This knowing is your intuition speaking. This knowing is a natural quality of the soul and the Universe that is in the presence of stillness or awareness, it is aware of what is going on. That “being aware” can be translated to “knowing”. There is nothing much to do about this but being aware as much as possible attunes you well with this knowing. By doing so, there is a certain easiness and calm because you then get centred into the moment or in the present moment where you are simply experiencing that knowing.

As mentioned, this post does not substitute any of your medical treatments, if you are undergoing, nor any kind of medical advice. These are simply what the mass consciousness is undergoing and most of them remain confused because even the medical fraternity have no definite answers to many of the “weird” things happening to humans. Do take medical advice or treatment if that prompts you to, but these deeper insights will give you more than deeper insights.

Physical Challenges

Head area

  • A kind of pressure or pressure pain in and around the head area and that includes the face, eyes, ears, teeth (also teeth fillings), gums, jaws, sinus.
  • Headaches and migraines.
  • Electrical shocks at various parts of the body and pinpricks sensation.
  • Bouts of feeling of falling asleep, tingling sensations, spasms in the body, muscle twitches, jerks or jolts, feeling of warm energies, or a kind of being engulfed in a warm aura.
  • There can be headaches and migraines, which do not respond to any kind of medication or treatment.
  • Repeated vision changes. Some feel blurry after a energy rush or “good connection”. Many report no change in actual vision after an eye examination.
  • Sparkles of light or light globules of light flashes spotted in the peripheral vision. Sights of static-like energy in the atmosphere or kind of haze.
  • Visibility of auras or brightness around people, animals or any objects.
  • Little or more sensitivity to external sound or noise.
  • Hearing of distant sounds or subtle sounds.
  • Ringing in the ears or popping of the ears. Hearing high frequency sound, whistle sounds, beeps, pings, or sounds of whooshing or pulsating sounds.  Whooshing of sounds from one ear to the other.
  • Itchiness in the nose or in the ears.
  • Tingling sensations over the nose as though ants running.
  • A feeling of disorientation physically. Feeling spacey. Losing occasional balance with a feeling of vertigo.
  • Heaviness in the head or sinus areas.
  • Eruption of boils in the mouth due to excess heat in the body.
  • Jumbling up of words or slurred talking.
  • Nosebleeds related to excessive heat in the body.
  • Popping in the nose area.
  • Itchy throat or frequent soreness in the throat
  • Changes in voice density
  • Throbbing on the forehead or top of the head.
  • Crawling sensations on the scalp of the head.
  • Sudden clearing of the nasal passages.

Neck, shoulder and chest area

  • Crackling or popping at  the neck or jaw joints.
  • Locking of the jaw joints and neck.
  • Heaviness or pressure on the shoulder area
  • Muscle catches or kind of sprains of the shoulder.
  • Heart palpitations or kind of flutters that are not from exercise or medical conditions.
  • Pressure kind of feeling in the front or back of the chest area (heart area).
  • Allergies and respiratory distress.

Hands & Legs

  • Numbness and tingling in the hands
  • Soreness, aching  or feeling of heat in the knees
  • Cramps in the legs
  • Sensitivity in the palms or soles of feet
  • Heat radiation from the palms
  • Changes in nail texture. Faster nail growth.
  • Heavy or draggy legs while walking.


  • Aches and pains throughout the body that comes and goes.
  • All kind of itches at localised areas of the body or even throughout the body that come and go.
  • Stiffness or soreness or in the joints and bones and also sometimes the muscles which are not due to any physical strains, injury, exercise or fatigue. This is more common in the neck, shoulder, back and spine.
  • Cold-like or flu-like symptoms coming and going without a full-fledged cold or flue.
  • Changes in body temperatures – feeling either hot or cold. Sudden chills or hot flashes or waves of heat in the body. Intense sweating or cold chills during sleep.
  • Numbness and tingling with circulation issues.
  • Excessive burping or yawning.

Psychological and emotional

  • Bouts of feeling suddenly nervous or anxious and this feeling keeps coming and going with no clarity of understanding of the reason.
  • Unexplainable worry or panic though there are no valid reasons.
  • Feeling drained of energy, tired and lethargic.
  • Feeling of being overwhelmed with kind of nervous breakdown feeling or a feeling that you are going crazy or out of control.
  • Tiredness or extreme fatigue.
  • Waking up tired and needing more sleep or the opposite – feeling energised with little sleep or wakefulness during night hours.
  • Feelings of intolerance towards anything that is of lower vibrations or things deep-rooted in the 3D world. It could be even 3D conversations, personalities, attitudes, habits, routines, etc.
  • Deep emotional pain or inner sadness for no apparent reason.
  • Tears or crying for no apparent reason
  • Feeling of being disconnected from everything or feeling disassociated or fragmented
  • Feeling lost or meaningless or empty.
  • Feeling lonely or isolated despite having company of people or things. Inability to relate to others or feeling others are unable to relate to you.
  • Loss of your personal identity.
  • Old beliefs challenged on and often.
  • Bouts of feeling like fleeing from where you are, especially from groups or crowds.
  • Loss of motivation or inspiration with no desire to do anything
  • Loss of interest in regular hobbies and passions
  • Lack of coordination in what you think, feel and what you actually do
  • Feeling lightheaded or dizzy or even jittery for no real reason
  • Forgetfulness or feelings that you are losing your memory.
  • Strong sexual urges or complete lack of it.
  • Emotional surges and mood swings.
  • Confusion of the mind with no precise understanding of what it is.
  • A deep longing to go back “home”. Bouts of feelings to leave the planet and return “home”, which is not a “suicidal” feeling that is motivated by anger or frustration or desperation.
  • Feeling of intense fear.
  • A feeling of connectedness with higher realms, celestial beings like one’s Master, angels, subtle guides and the ascended Masters.

Relation with life around

  • Sudden changes in relationships. Deep meaning or no meaning in relationships.
  • Changes in job and career
  • Urges to relocate from the current living environment or being drawn to a certain place or area or certain geographic locations
  • Changes in family relations with increased closeness or withdrawal from family
  • New relationships or finding of meaningful relations with people
  • Synchronicities with new people entering into your life or crossing ways at the right moments in life.
  • Feelings of goodness, compassion, love and connectedness to nature, animals and other species.
  • Increased sensitivity to flowers, plants, and trees.
  • Longing to be more in nature or natural settings
  • Love or inclination towards sun, moon, stars, clouds, planets, galaxies and the Cosmos.
  • Nature begins to energize you and bring you peace of mind and expand your heart

Food habits

  • Sudden changes in tastes and interests of food
  • Strong food cravings or aversions.
  • Changes in the taste of foods and drinks
  • Changes in digestion of certain food and drinks.
  • Feelings fluctuating between feeling hungry at all times to the opposite of having no appetite at all
  • Little or strong food cravings that keep coming and going
  • Inclination towards healthier and natural options
  • Indigestion, bloating, gas, irritable bowel syndrome and other gastrointestinal issues
  • Gas purging from the stomach or intestines
  • Swelling in lower abdomen or lower back
  • Changes in weight – either gain or loss.

Sleep and Dreams

  • Changes in sleep patterns, unlike before. More or less sleep required.
  • Deep power naps happening in between the wakeful day
  • Feeling of more energy during the night.
  • Waking up between 2 a.m. to 5 a.m.
  • Insomnia or short intervals of sleep.
  • Unusual, intense or wild dreams – the content may be meaningful, insightful or total rubbish or bizarre.
  • Moments of lucid dreaming.
  • Awareness of astral projection during sleep and other out-of-body experiences.
  • Vivid dreams or memories of visions of people, places, things related to past lives.

Psychic Abilities

  • Increased intuitive feelings or psychic awareness
  • Fluctuations or interference in electrical appliances around you
  • Malfunction or unusual behavior of electronic devices like bulbs flickering or voltage fluctuations or fuses blowing, batteries draining quickly or charging quickly.
  • Sensitivity in and around the electromagnetic fields

Divine Love and Light

  • Increased feelings of the Divine Love from within which is the unconditional love
  • Deep feelings of gratitude and appreciation for life
  • Feelings of peace in simpler aspects of life
  • Better clarity of deeper aspects of life.
  • Increased understanding and compassion towards others
  • Having deeper insights and knowledge from the SELF
  • Knowingness or revelations that come spontaneously – spontaneous downloads of information
  • Ability to see everyone beyond any kind of discrimination.
  • Deep sense of Oneness and interconnectedness with everything in life
  • Heightened awareness of the presence of angels or other cosmic beings of light
  • Neutral reaction to sensing presence of non-physical entities, beings or energies
  • More episodes of synchronicity and meaningful coincidences
  • Repeated noticing of repeated numbers on clocks, books, or other digital material at the precise moment , like 11:11 or other repeating number sequences like 111, 1212, 333, 444, 1441, etc.
  • Receiving help or assistance from the most unexpected ways which gives an assurance that you are not alone and that the Universe provides and supports.

Coping with it all ~

Ii would not really encourage to dig deep into finding what and how and when and what things are because it is never ending and it can be really confusing. It is just like asking “why would you want to scramble into the trash bin – just let the bin go for dumping!”

But still, to calm down anxiousness, let me mention a few things about the ascension process and transitioning.

  • The anxiety and confusions are the overwhelming responses of your mind to what is all happening. The anxiety and nervousness or panics are all coming from the release of the old beliefs, patterns, conditioning and beliefs that are surfacing for release. So best to observe and witness everything instead of reacting or going into fear.
  • The exhaustion, fatigue and tiredness comes from the extreme energy utilized in the process of conversion of your body from carbon to crystalline. Yes, the structure of your DNA is changing rapidly from gross to subtler. Pamper yourself – treat your body with respect, relaxation and rest
  • The sleeplessness is usually due to high energy during sleeping hours that keeps one awake, Catch up on rest and sleep whenever possible. Check and change diet. Meditate daily.
  • Waking up between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. are because these are the hours of intense energy work and also when your higher beings are at work. Do not force yourself into sleeping, rather try to meditate or read a nice book or something that would ease you and make you feel purposeful.
  • The draggy or heavy legs are when grounding is happening and new energies are being taken up by the body through the feet. Relax and try not to feel overwhelmed about it. Rest.
  • Night sweats and hot flashes is the body burning itself of the denser and lower properties.
  • Headaches, migraines and head pressures are when the Sahasrara or Crown chakra cleans itself and the pineal and pituitary glands are getting more active.
  • Loss of appetite happens when the body is learning to thrive more on prana or light instead of dense foods. You may also have strange food cravings or aversions to certain foods. Check and change your diet and go with what suits your body.
  • All digestive issues are because the food that you previously were attuned to is now no longer resonating with the new you. Your cells are becoming more subtler and thus it will not adapt to the grosser food or foods of lower vibration. Check and change your diet and go with what suits your body.
  • All kind of rashes and allergies are to do with the cleansing happening with toxins beings released through the skin that the new energy flushes out.
  • Heart palpitations, changes in beats or racing without any medical reasons is because the heart chakra is opening up and accommodating more energies as it expands to move divine love and light.
  • The spacey feeling or dizziness or out-of-balance feeling is because of the shifts happening between dimensions. It must be realised that we are multidimensional beings. So, when you are in transition a certain part of you can be in 3D and certain in higher and that is when this disorientation happens.
  • Suddenly going blank or out of words, also have the same reason, because one moment you are in a dimension and next moment in another and this also causes certain forgetfulness or sudden inability to recall what you just said or did.
  • Increased sensitivity to smell, sound, light, taste or touch happens because your 5 senses are turning more subtler and hence the stimulus will change.
  • The electricity zaps or buzzing feeling or sensation is again the higher frequencies that your body is tapping into.The feeling of emptiness is because lot of stuff or garbage is being emptied!
  • Feeling a loss of self-identity. This is because the Ego is dying!
  • Changing jobs, relationships, locations are all associated with what best being attracted for you, which are the new things that you are vibrating towards.
  • The feeling of insecurity and anxious about future is just because of the lack of trust of what is coming and also more because of the unwillingness to let go of old comfort zones.
  • Loss of interest in self-grooming or self-decorate. This is because the ego self is dying and the self is not relating with it’s true identity of the real “I” and losing interest in the false “I”.
  • Fear of dying is coming from the old you that is indeed dying! This video may help you (It’s in Hindi/English)

Some more tips that might help:

  • Meditate everyday, especially in the early mornings between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m.
  • Train yourself to shift from fear to awareness. You can practice this from help shared here Shifting Into Awareness
  • Practice Yoga and/or exercise daily
  • Spend more time with nature, pets and little children
  • Become more simpler – simplify life
  • Avoid television, newspapers and social news/gossips
  • Change your diet and lifestyle to the one that suits your newer versions
  • Use Ayurvedic rejuvenation methods like Panchakarma, etc.
  • Cleanse your physical sand subtle atmosphere. Subtle cleansing can be done by incense sticks, flame lamps or candles, dhoop, sage, etc.
  • Release clutter from your physical and emotional spaces.
  • Do not fight or resist anything because that will only intensify the situations. You can practice this from help shared here Shifting Into Awareness
  • Align with your true calling and find out your true purpose and walk towards it. This video may help you (It’s in Hindi/English)
  • Unleash your inner expressions and creativity. This video may help you (It’s in Hindi/English)
  • Stay away from any kind of competition with anyone.
  • Steer clear of being judgemental on anyone or anything but see them all as the new changes in the grand cosmic play.
  • Learning to live in the present moment will help a great deal. This video may help you (It’s in Hindi/English)
  • Set up processes to accelerate and smoothen your ascension process. This video may help you (It’s in Hindi/English)

You may also like to read my article that i wrote way back in 2009 but it relates well with most people and is a little more detailed into what’s happening. Click here to read.

You are most welcome to also share your piece of Ascension Symptoms in the comments below so that we all know that we are never alone!

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