The Eternal Laws of Divine Love & Light

When we look and deal with the world, it is a great triumph when we are able to notice the ego, jealousy, selfishness, and all other lacks in others, but a great failure to notice it in our own self.

When we spot the lack in others we become preachers and teachers but when we see it in ourselves, we become seekers. Anyone can see and point flaws in others but it takes great courage and humility to not just catch these in oneself. Making others acknowledge their weakness is what the whole world has always been doing, still doing and will continue to do so, with the hope that others change. For what? For our own convenience and ease in operating with life, so that we can live in ease. This is the subtle intention when we attempt to change others – we feel it is for them, but in reality it is only for our own selfish ease.

The whole world is in a made race to change the world. Whereas, the Mystical Mystics of true and practical spirituality  go spot on – to spot who is this spotter of flaws in others. Shifting Into Awareness, one consciously becomes aware of who is that one, who is witnessing this flaw in others. One becomes aware of the observer – the pure self-illuminated Self. And then, who is the one who spots one’s own flaws? It becomes revealed that it is the pure self-illuminated Self. What does it do? It simply observes and becomes aware. There is no reaction but it would be observed that just becoming aware and mindful of it, dissolves it then and there. A flaw in oneself dissolves in one’s own space. Similarly, the flaw of others also dissolves, but not in others but in one’s own space of the Self.

On the other hand, when the one who wishes to change others after becoming uneasy with other’s flaws, it would be surprising to note that who is the observer here. It will be the ego and not the Self that cringes. Here now the Self is observing one’s own ego, that is busy observing someone else’s ego and trying to change other’s ego. When the Self watches this, the ego begins dissolving, right then and there. This is how the great Mystics advised to practice. There will be no compulsion to preach for others to change, but change begins happening within. 

The Eternal Laws of Divine Love and Divine Light – the Source.

Self-transformation is world-transformation.

The Supreme Source also only consciously observes everything within it silently in peace and blissful awareness. That is why when an individual Self gets into this forgotten hereditary habit of Shifting Into Awareness, it feels blissful and peace, because it has attuned with this pure awareness of the Source itself that is observing everything. This is true spirituality that all our great Mystics practiced and demonstrated. To become aware of oneself and to change only oneself.