Agni Linga – Tiruvannamalai – Fire Element

The holy hill and temple of the Agni Tatwa location on earth – Tiruvannamalai. This is also the tapobhoomi of our Master and a significant place in the milestones of the Master’s this life journey and past life journey, where he was a Shaivite and lived on Tamilnadu. Babaji once said that “if you look closely, the physical structure of Arunachaleshwara holy hill resembles Mount Kailash” and that this is very rightfully called as the Kailash of the South where the Lord is present in the Agni form. The Arunachaleshwara temple houses the Agni Lingam.

The place has mighty stories attached to this place and is the place of many spiritual giants, countless Yogis living even today here doing their penance and many self-realized Yogis wandering in this place.

Other than that it has the presence of countless invisible Masters and celestial beings. This place is one where countless saints attained Jeeva Samadhi. We stayed last night in Sheshadri Swanigal ashram room, which has hundreds of identitied and unidentified Jeeva Samadhis, so much that they decided not to dig any place so as to not disturb the Jeeva Samadhis. So, it was like sleeping amidst those countless Jeeva Samadhis of the great Siddhas.

Jeeva Samadhi is leaving the body at will, so all these are the great immortal ShivYogis who never die. Their bodies even if dug out after hundreds of years would be intact due to the Cosmic currents running in their physical bodies. They leave it this way purposefully so as to be of help to humanity, because they create powerful energy grids that keep the vibrations of earth uplifted and also it benefits all those who come in the vicinity of such power hubs. So this holy hill plus the holy Agni Lingam, near which is the Jeeva Samadhi of the great Rishi Idaikadar – these energies plus the countless Jeeva Samadhis iaround this holy hill is what makes this place a different dimension itself for spiritual seekers.


The whole hill has numerous caves and entrances, most of them sealed off, but I know there live many Siddhas still in there. On top of the hill there is Virupaksha Caves, which is named after the great immortal Virupaksha who came here from Karnataka and left his body in this cave about 600 years back. He had attained one of the highest level of leaving the body, that is by transmuting his body into light and disappearing. The holy ashes of his remains is still there in a heap preserved in this dark cave (photograph in this post)

I make these posts in service to seekers destined to visit here for their sadhna ???

The beauty of Tiruvannamalai, the Agni tatwa place of the 5 panchabhoota kshetras, with hundreds of Jeeva Samadhis along with living and immortal Siddhas all around, I must mention about even the animals, birds and trees that are also of an elevated consciousness here.

In these videos you can see dogs, monkeys, birds and cows in close vicinity of humans. Missed taking the peacocks that are found here also living with humans.

The dogs and monkeys video was shot on top of the holy Arunahaleshwara hill. It’s a common practice that women sell bananas here to people who buy and feed monkeys. So it is common to see monkeys around the lady sellers but the best part is to see that if the monekys want they can just snatch the bananas from the women selling it, but no, they wait for people to buy, then they try to snatch from customers but never from the sellers. ? This is because they know they the sellers are their source of food. So it is beautiful to see how they both support each other for their daily food.

Exactly same way is this lady seeking rice packages at the entrance not the temple. I have been seeing this lady and this cow for years now. The lady pleads to people to feed her cow and while offering then the rice packets that she carries with her. The cow patiently waits for customers to buy and is as eager as her owner looking for the ride packet to be sold. The lady gets her money and the cow gets her food. Brilliant inter-support again for each other’s livelihood.

And then the birds circambulating around one of the main four goourams of the huge temple in which is housed the Agni Linga.

Am never bored with this place that is a highly vibrant place and seems like a different world or dimension, you may say.

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