Meeting a Divine Mother & Tips for Divine Travellers

This video has a narration about our meeting a divine Mother but at the same time the video has tips for travellers to divine places. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

By chance (not really) i happened to be invited by a saint who was on his way to meet an enlightened Mother named Chapamma who was known to be an Avdhut. It was somewhere near Raichur, Karnataka and we travelled almost the entire day to reach there. She was not really in her body consciousness and appeared to be sleeping for long time. But then she did get up and give us her glance. Many other mystical things happened during this journey, which i narrate in the video. If you like this video please do like and share it and most welcome to leave a comment. Stay Blessed! Much Love, Light & Peace to you! For More articles and videos related to Ascension and the Transition Process, please visit my website – www.TheConscious.Space Facebook – TheConsciousSpaceLight Instagram – TheConsciousSpaceLight