The Sparkling Tear on the Little Face

One of the most priceless pic i could capture till date.. Location of the image is Alwar Goshala of ShivYog, the green pastures paradise built for close to 800 cows by my Master.

Had been there for distribution of free tree saplings to the villagers. After everyone went with their saplings, i suddenly spotted this little girl holding a sapling tight to her heart and standing there in utmost innocence.

What caught my attention was a small shiny tear ready to trickle. God knows what caused that damn tear (zoom the picture and you can notice it). While i clicked her pictures on the cell, she fell down but fell without opening her arms that held that tree to her chest. Even as her little brothers picked her up, she still held the tree tight. As i thanked her she rendered a quick smile through that undried teary eye and walked away down the hot road cuddling the little life throbbing in that piece of earth close to hers. It instantaneously took me back to 2006 when i had written a poem on an exact same situation. Copy-pasting it here from my diary:


(I was inspired to write “Tears” when I saw a poor girl on a roadside thinking of something very deeply; was not crying, but held something back as tears rolled down her cheeks)

Tears dripped beneath her vision,
Lost in some far-sighted misery
Each drop justifying the pain
That her tongue couldn’t speak.

In every drop was a pearl hidden,
That, on trickling down sparkled
The disguised mocks of life,
In the name of an active fate.

What was it that even God didn’t bother
That the little one had such a sorrow
Standing buried in some deep thought,
That not even a soul could borrow.

As she caught my disturbed eyes,
A genuine smile erupted on her face,
Her hand swept across her cheek
Voluntarily hiding the involuntary tears

Was it her pretension or was it hope
That all is well or will be well
But she preferred to wipe out the evidence
That had held the mysteries of her life

(Zoom the photo to see that sparkle tear)