North Goa – Land of Parshuram

Had a day last week in Goa and we friends, as usual, decided to move to a place that was pending from the past two years. Perne in North Goa which had a Jeeva Samadhi of a great Siddha. Invoking our Gurudev, as we began, we were wondrously guided to many other marvelous locations, which later realized were huge bonuses. We left morning from Vasco towards North Goa, first stopping at a Shakti location at the riverbed of Terekol.

Then, we proceeded to stop to have lunch in Shiroda, one of the infamous beach me and my school friends used to come about 7 years ago to smoke, booze and relish sea food . Years down the line, this time, Baba’s grace, it’s pure veg lunch here ツ From here we move towards the famous Redi Ganapathy at the shores of Vengurla in Maharashtra. In 1976, a truck driver, who was a Ganesh-devotee, had a dream in which Lord Ganesh told him that he was underneath this place. The driver informed the villager elders, who dug up the place to find a huge 6 feet one-stone-cut idol of Ganesha. Since then this place is known for it’s own powers.

From, here we move to Arambol beach, the place of Lord Parshuram’s yagna. The sacred ash from the yagna can still be found on this little hill overlooking the sea that lies about 100 feet down. A very beautiful place to meditate.

This entire is the region of Lord Parshuram, known as Parshuram Kshetra or Parshuram Bhoomi, from this Konkan area upto Kerala.


After spending about two hours here, we move towards Pernem which contains the renovated Jeeva Samadhi of Dattagiri Mahapurush that is more than 800 years old.

By the time we reach back to Vasco, it is 10 pm and we realize we spent about 12 hours in this these visits that were beyond any words to describe. One of the best one-day spiritual picnic. Namo Siddhanam……….

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  1. are you sure there is a Jeeva Samadhi there? I am asking because on the whole internet you are the only source that there is a Samadhi in Pernem

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