Attitude of Gratitude

A whisper of gratitude makes a huge difference when it is sent to everything that is silently working behind the scenes in our life. The blessings of the Guru, the grace of the Gurumandala, Ascended Masters and great souls, the love and protection of angels, guardians and guides, the divine manifestations of Shakti in various forms, all functioning beyond the understanding of our limited faculties of perceptions and knowing.

These whispers of gratitude need not have any schedule or pattern but can be relayed any time with our deep thoughts and feelings, whenever we remember that what we are is not because who we are but because how these subtle workings are. What is possible and what is not possible without these support systems?

We do naturally offer our gratitude to the people we often convey in our daily lives – parents, teachers, friends, animal companions, and all those who crossed our lives who contributed to making us what we are today through all opportunities of love, laughter and learning in the journey of this earth life. I wouldn’t call it a prayer of gratitude, but when we offer a feeling of emotion of gratitude to those ones also who work behind a scene it does reach them and is promptly acknowledge.

With feelings of gratitude you send signals of being contended and worthy with what you have received and that automatically makes you eligible for more of that which you hold gratitude for. It is a signal that you are fine and happy with what you have received or are receiving and this tells nature that you deserve more of it. So also all the feelings of gratitude we express with each other, through thoughts, words or action.

So, let me take this opportunity to give you a divine hug of love and gratitude in whichever way you have contributed to my earthly existence.

Thank you!

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